Monday, October 26, 2009

Cards for Soldiers

Okay, call me a sucker for an advertisement or the power of suggestion. Friday night I was watching Jay Leno and Michelle Obama was on the '10 at 10' segment. This is where they do a satellite feed of someone and ask them 10 questions. During her segment she mentioned that last week was national service week and she encouraged everyone to do something (volunteer - like) to help our nations military families. So I remembered one of my stamping buddies mentioning that she donates some of her home-made cards to the soldiers. She makes cards - leaves them blank - and they get sent to the military bases overseas where the soldiers can use them to send cards to their families back home.
So, of course, I decided that is how I could serve. So Sunday (while the Patriots were playing on TV in the background) I whipped up a bunch of cards using some scraps and images I had been leaving around. I was so happy to get 10 cards put together. I'll mail them this week so they will get to the distribution center before the next deadline (Nov 6th.) I had fun imagining soldier men and women choosing these cards for their wifes/husbands/kids/family. Here are a few of them.

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