Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why I changed the name of my blog!

You may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog. I didn't really like the old blog name and I thought it may be misleading and have people think I'm selling my cards. I barely have time to make the cards I use - I couldn't possibly take card orders - not that anyone is asking! So, I came up with the new name - stamping in the suburbs. I think it's catchy and I follow another blog that's called stamping by the sea. Since I don't have a sea-side residence, I figured, let's call it what it is - THE SUBURBS. I actually love living in the suburbs of Boston - well - except for the high cost of living and the traffic, but suburban life suits me just fine. I actually just recently read a book (it's pretty good - I recommend it) called 'an ordinary day.' It was the story of a woman who lived in the suburbs of Boston who decided to simplify and move to the country. It's a mothers memoir of life with teenage boys and preparing for the empty nest. However, I found the book rather ironic since her attempt to simplify her life seemed to only make it very complicated. to make a long story short, they moved in with her mother for 3 years (while her boys were in high school) and commuted to drive one of her sons to a private school and then decided to demolish a house and build from scratch a custom home in NH. Does that sound simple to you? I didn't think so either. Anyway, back to me - I love the suburbs. I like sidewalks, cul-de-sacs and grocery stores within a 5 mile drive. I like local baseball parks, mini-golf, malls and ice cream places called things like 'west end creamery' with home made ice cream and jimmies. So, my blog is now called stamping in the suburbs because in a nutshell - that's me. thanks for listening to my ramblings. more cards to come. I've been stamping up a storm and will have several things to show in the next few days!

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wrapknot said...

love the new name, it is reflective of not only where but who you are. your cards are certainly lovely.... to lovely to sell!
thanks for the card and adhesive. tomorrow is our montly stamp class so we'll have lots of opportunities to put it to use. we have the best time studying the cards you create. it gets us thinking and eager to try new techniques.