Friday, April 16, 2010

Mini-Courses - I'm ready!!!

Well today I have several high school girls coming over for a mini-course on card making.  It is a rainy and cool day here in New England so I am very glad my mini-course is an inside activity.  My son was very excited to get his first choice of Frisbee golf, but now that it is going to be 49degrees and raining, he may wish he had done one of the indoor activities.  I bet they'll still have a great time!!!

I'm happy to say I did not get full capacity for my class.  I have 3 signed up for both sessions so we can do lots of good one on one instruction and I didn't need to add a second table.

Want to see the set up???

Each box has all the materials for each card.   We'll make 4 different designs.  I showed you two of them earlier this week.  The other two are repeats from posts in Feb and March, but here they are also.

So, I am READY!!!  Well, not 100%.  I still need to shower, walk the dogs, eat breakfast and get Eric's baseball uniform out of the dryer and into his bag!  Thanks for looking.  Enjoy the day!  TGIF!

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Kimberly Gajewski said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Linda! You did a beautiful job preparing everything for the girls! :D