Sunday, June 13, 2010

Graduation Cards - DONE!

I've been busy stamping some graduation cards for my son to use for all his graduating friends.  Even though Eric is a sophomore, he has been invited to many graduation parties.  I love this about his small christian school.  There are only about 200 kids in the high school and they all get along and hang out.  You don't get that class prejudice where seniors only hang with seniors.  Anyway, here is a smorgasboard of  blue graduation cards I made using my two graduation stamps (well actually only one of them is mine.  The SU one is borrowed from Karen!)  They are rather repetitive, but each is slightly different.  Which is your favorite?
Well it's off to church and then, since it's a rainy day, I might watch The Blind Side from netflix and then stamp up a baseball thank you card for Eric's coach and then make some fun summer flower cards.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Thanks for stopping by for a look!

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