Thursday, August 26, 2010

Junior Year

This week (on Tuesday) Eric had his first day of school for the 2010/2011 school year.  He is a junior this year and hopefully will be graduating in 2012.  Isn't he handsome ( - :  ?

I am posting these pictures on my blog because he would die of embarrassment if I posted them on facebook. Just for kicks (and because I'm a mom) I also posted the pictures from his first day of kindergarden.  Awww, wasn't he just a cutie pie???  I miss those adorable chubby cheeks!

If you have a little one (either son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter) give them a big hug.  Once they turn 16 they won't be nearly as affectionate!  Enjoy it while you can!  Thanks for looking and I love to get comments!!


krs__21 said...

His cheeks are still pretty adorable!! Wow!

wrapknot said...

i couldn't believe that was eric! seems like you were just prego with him and we were waiting to hear what bundle you delivered! you deserve a huge hug for all your hard work.

914Lin said...

Oh, I loved the photos of Eric. He's so handsome and seems all grown up already. Seems like yesterday when he was christened! Can't believe how the time has flown. He's a wonderful, healthy, happy and well adjusted young man. You and Bob should be very proud! I know we are proud godparents!
Love you, Lin