Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My craft room

Over the last year, I have been inspired by many of your craft rooms and the craft spots I've seen on some peoples blogs.  So today, I will post photos of my craft spot.  Warning - this is a long post!
First, an overview.  My craft spot is down in our finished basement.  We have a big room that has a room divider inbetween.  You see the couch, my craft table is behind the couch, in front of the columned room divider.  What you can't see is that if you sit on the couch, you see the big screen T.V., so I can see the T.V. just fine from my crafting table.  This is great winter, spring, summer and fall because my family loves sports, but I don't find them especially attention holding, so I can sit and craft with the baseball, basketball, golf going on and still be part of the family, always catch the instant replay, but still be productive.  Perfect.  You'll notice I didn't mention football.  That is because I really like football and tend to watch those games 'full attention.'  Go Patriots!

Okay, second, on to the storage system.  I originally had all my stampin up sets tucked away inside an Ikea desk, nestled in target CD storage baskets.  That worked fine, until I started by A*Muse stamps and other single stamps.    So below you see the SU sets in the desk and then you see the printer desk turned on it's side and hung on the wall with the A*muse

I love having these stamps up on the wall.  They are quite decorative and make a nice piece of artwork, but I also love how easy it is to see them all and pick them out for cards.

My paper storage is new.  I used to keep all my paper in metal banker boxes (see lower left photo) but again, I really wanted to SEE the papers without having to shuffle inside something, so when SU came out with new colors I got several paper organizers from 'The Container Store.'  These are the white vertical units.  They have sliding drawers but they are open so I can easily see and grab the paper.  The bigger units are from Michaels to hold 12X12 DSP.  I have my retired colors still in the banker boxes and the plastic bins hold punches, in process cards and scraps.

Next is tools.  We are no longer interested in pretty.  This becomes purely functional.  The metal shelf here is tucked away in a corner and it holds many of my tools including the embossing heat element, the flowersoft, the smooch, etc.

As for my cutting and scoring, I took over the pub table and am always fighting for table space here.  My family uses this workstation a lot, so when I'm in the middle of crafting, I put my paper cutter and scorer there, but often move it off, when not in use.  I love using the pub table because it's high and it's very comfortable for cutting since I don't have to bend down.

A lot of my other tools wind up in the plastic drawers next to the desk or on top of the desk.  I struggle to keep the desk neat enough to work!

And lastly, I'd like to point out one final feature of the craft room and that is Eric's corner.  Eric is almost 17 so he spends some of his free time playing video games.  He has a separate T.V. for this and his corner is right next to my craft spot.  I like it because we are often both down there together.  It's not quality time, but I like it better than being alone.
So, there you have it.  My delightful craft spot.   If anyone has any good ideas about how to store SCRAPS - I'd love to hear it.  I find scraps a huge challenge.  I won't throw them away, but if they are not readily accessible (and color coordinated) I waste huge amounts of time searching through them.  I'd also love to see your craft spot.  Some of you are very clever with dual purpose spots and small spaces.  Send me a link to your crafts spot post if you can!  And comments are always welcome!

Oh and for those who want info on these items - where to buy listed below:
Desk: Ikea
Shelves:  Target
Plastic Shelves and bins: Target
Sliding Paper Drawers: The Container Store
Wood wall units (sideways printing press drawer) e-bay
black rolling desk chairs: Target
Metal bins including bankers boxes, stamp set holders and ink pad holders:  Target
12X12 open paper storage: Michaels


Basement Stamper said...

Great space, I need to organize better but I do pretty good most of the time. I do scraps 2 different ways, patterned paper scraps just get thrown into a box on the floor and I always grab that first to go through. I have 2 ways of doing my colored papers-one in a stand up file folder organizer and then I usually will store my scraps in front of my full sheets, I tend to look there often.

Beth said...

What a super spot for stamping and hanging out with the family at the same time!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Your area is absolutely fantastic Linda! I don't know...Eric may be correct! I think that you do have more stamping stuff than I! Talk to you soon, my friend! :D