Wednesday, September 29, 2010

25 years - is it true that everything is beautiful in it's time?

Hi all,

Warning - this one is a long post!!

This week (9/28) was my 25th anniversary!   It's so hard to believe it was 1985 when Bob and I got married.  So, I am trying very hard to grow old gracefully and truly see the natural beauty in each and every life stage.  So although I'm in my late 40's now, it was fun to look back at our couple/family photos and see how both Bob and I have changed.  Yes, we both look quite a bit different, but different is good and everything is beautiful in it's time!  I thought I'd share photos for every 5 year anniversary.

Our wedding was in CT in 1985 just after Hurricane Gloria.  Bob was such a cutie and so young looking.  I was curvaceous and typically had a perm so my naturally straight hair was wavy back then.
Here we are around our 5th wedding anniversary in 1990. Sarah is the beloved first child and as is the norm, she goes everywhere with us!  No childless getaways for our 5th anniversary.  Notice, I'm still sporting the perm and Bob's still going with the mustache!  Love my BIG glasses!

Next up is our 10th wedding anniversary.  Bob and I are now in our 30's and life is busy and full for us.  This getaway was in Hawaii.  We look happy and healthy and glad to be away relaxing.  Kids were with Grandma and Grandpa - having a fun time too!  Finally, I've stopped perming my hair and let it go long and straight.  Bob - still sporting the stache!  Wait - I think he also still owns that shirt!!!  Note to self - must..... go..... shopping..... for ...... Bob......

Yup.... the 15th anniversary is next.  Bob and I renewed our vows for our 15th anniversary.  We had recently started a life-long faith journey and wanted to make a public statement about it and our devotion to one another.  Eric is adorable (especially in his dress up clothes) and Sarah is becoming quite the little lady.    My glasses are slightly smaller but still quite ROUND.  Bob was still sporting his mustache, but in this photo, there is way more blonde hair for him than gray. A little foreshadowing for the next anniversary shot! 

After our wedding vow renewal, Bob and I headed off to Bermuda for a short get away. Well, we loved it so much, we decided to go back again for our 20th.  It's only 2 hours from Boston and so relaxing and beautiful.  So here we are below at anniversary # 20.   No mustache for Bob and the gray hair is starting to dominate (on both of us, but I fix that, Bob is dashing 'as is.')

Lastly is a current photo of anniversary #25 taken just this week.  Bob has a full head of hair (praise God) but it is now almost completely gray/white.  Lucky for him, he has a very nice fair complexion and I think he looks dashing as a fit, mustache-less, almost 50 year old man!  Paws off ladies - he's MINE!  So I think everything is beautiful in it's time.  We both have changed some over the years but in each moment, we are beautiful!  We will embrace our old age with GRACE!

I'm sorry there is no card post today.  I fully intended to include the anniversary card I made for Bob, but my bloggers challenge on Friday is Anniversary, so naturally, I will save that card for Friday's post.  Come back on Friday to see it.


Kimberly Gajewski said...

What an absolutely beautiful post Linda! Such fun photographs! Happy Anniversary, my friend (you too, Bob!) Big Hugs!! :D

wrapknot said...

what a marvelous trip down memory lane! as i remember correctly, our family was introduced to bob at my wedding in 1983....(child bride that i was :) and we still have our same partners. we came from good stock that shows the true bliss that growing together with all the tugs, snags and snarls can be.
congratulations, give that dapper hunk a huge hug from me!

GCgirl said...

Not only do I love-love your card (that's love X 2), but my what a great post too! You both look better with age and seem to be a perfect compliment to one another!

Jeanne Nielsen said...

Love the photos through time! We're celebrating 21 years this coming week, but my husband isn't so agreeable to the pictures! (he thinks he can't smile!). TFS! Happy Anniversary! (BTW, where in MA are you? I'm in Lynnfield.)

914Lin said...

How beautiful ... your words and the photos! You both look fabulous at each and every stage of your journey together. God bless!