Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look what I got - see what I made

Hi Bloggers,

Well I mentioned in my last blog that I was away for 2 weeks.  I was in Germany, Taiwan and Japan doing some training at our sales offices.  I had been really looking forward to shopping for some new Copics while in Japan, but I wasn't feeling well and ended my trip one day early so I didn't get to go.  However, my very sweet boss, was out and about Thursday night (after I left) and picked me up a sampling of Copics.  I think that is so sweet of him.

I had also noticed a stamping/scrapbooking store on line that was in Taipei.  I was able to go to that store while in Taiwan.  So below is a photo of the goodies I got.  The stamp set is a 'chinese new year set' from Komiko.  It is very sweet.  In early February, most asian countries will celebrate chinese new year - this year is the year of the rabbit.

I made these two cards with that stamp set and hope to get down to the craft room this weekend to make some more.  I hope to mail these out to my Taiwanese co-workers next week.

I like the pink one a little better.  I think those colors and patterned papers have more of an asian feel to them.  I'll probably do a few more with those colors.

So, I had a funny story when I went to the store in Taiwan.  It was called created with love.  Conveniently it was only a few subway stops away from my hotel so it was easy to get to.  The owner was very nice and friendly.  She also spoke excellent english.  She had a lot of nice things - many of the same things we have here in the states.  She told me that her clients love western style images and stamps - so she stocks a lot of that.  The only sad thing was the prices were high.  I'm sure it's a lot to ship and import this stuff in from the states, so I didn't buy much.  So, on to the funny part.  She told me she had just gone to the states for the first time in October.  She said she was in the Boston area.  She had gone to get Zentangle certified and described that she was 45 minutes away from the airport and stayed at a religious retreat for the certification.  She showed me her beautiful zentangle work and encouraged me to look into it since I live in the Boston area.  Well wouldn't you know it, she was certified in Whitinsville MA.  I live in Whitinsville MA.  How strange is that.  I'm half way around the world and meet a women who was in my home town.  Funny.  Anyway, she has me curious about zentangle.  I may take a class with my mom, next time she is in town.  I think she'd love it.  It's more artistic than stamping and is relaxing and meditative.   She'll love it.

Well, that's enough for today.  We got a TON of snow here last night (again.)  check out my back porch.  One more good storm and it will spill over the deck railings.

Crazy!!!  Time to dig out my snow shoes for a nice walk this weekend!


Zentangle said...

WOW Linda....quite a story. You'll have to give us a call and we will connect you up with one of our Teachers. We live on Prospect St, and the seminar was at Oakhurst on Hill St, we rent the whole place 3 times a year, and folks from all over the world visit us to learn about Zentangle. Such a small world. Maria Thomas & Rick Roberts

Tinkered Art said...
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Kimberly Gajewski said...

Oh my! These stamps are adorable Linda! I love rabbits! What a wonderful boss you have! Anyone that buys you some Copic markers is okay in my! Wonderful cards! :D