Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cards for Soldiers St. Patrick's Day

Okay.  I'm not Irish.  I never really got St. Patrick's Day.  I kind of still don't.  In college we would leave classes at head to the local townie bar and drink green beer.  There have been a few years where we've eaten corned beef and cabbage, but again, it's not my kind of holiday.  BUT, Pam from Card for soldiers did a blog update saying she had very few St. Patrick's Day cards for the soldiers.  I figure some of them are probably irish and it may be a big deal for them.  SO, I was inspired to make a few cards.  My challenge is that I have no St. Patrick's Day images.   Just this little 4 leaf clover.  But, as you can see, with a lot of green and some creativity, you can pretty much make a card for any occasion.   So, I made about a dozen of these this past week and boxed them up.  I truly hope that they are a blessing to a family who has a loved one in the military. Next Cards for Soldiers holiday?  Easter.  I'll be making those in the next few weeks.


Kimberly Gajewski said...

These are quite cute Linda and I think that they will be perfect for the soldiers! You have certainly gotten a lot of mileage out of that one little shamrock stamp! Wonderfully done! :D

Pam said...

These were so much prettier in person! Thank you!