Monday, March 28, 2011

MFT Sketch Challenge

Good morning bloggers,

Are you looking forward to the last days of March?  I know I am.  My least favorite months of the year are: January, March and August.  I'm sure most of you understand why January is on the list - short days and cold weather.  March is on the list because it just drags on.  Snow and cold still lingering.  Spring only a glimmer of hope.  Most of you are probably wondering why August is on my list.  Well August is at the end of summer.  The days start getting shorter, the humidity is unbearable and the crickets and frogs keep me up at night.

But anyway we only have 4 more days of March and I'm ready for April.  Bring it on!

Today's card is for the MFT weekly sketch challenge.  I am continuing to make graduation cards to include in the auction gift pack.  I like this card MUCH better than last weeks.  The colors work so much better (I think.)  I love this little girl with her book and bag.  So cute!

Below is the sketch I worked with.  Want to play along?  Just use this sketch, post it on splitcoast stampers using keyword MFTWSC12.  You could win 10 or 15.00 gift certificate.

Thanks for stopping by.  Leave a comment if you can!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bloggers Challenge Sketch

Hi everyone,
I know BC is on Friday and now it's Saturday but better late than never.

Want to play along?  Make a card using this sketch and add your link below.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More about our State Championship win

Hi all,
I'm sure you stampers are all sick to death of reading about our big win Saturday in the state championship, but for those who have been part of a big deal winning sports event, maybe you get why I can't stop documenting the win.  I use my blog as a sort of personal diary and I figure that in a few years i will really enjoy being able to come back here and see all this media coverage and photos.  so today's post is just that.  A document of some of the great photo's from the newspaper and videos that ran in the local news stations.

11-03 Bsktbll - Mass State D3 State Finals - WCS Crusaders vs Watertown Raiders -   92
11-03 Bsktbll - Mass State D3 State Finals - WCS Crusaders vs Watertown Raiders -   90

11-03 Bsktbll - Mass State D3 State Finals - WCS Crusaders vs Watertown Raiders -   54

Monday, March 21, 2011

Girls Weekend Pictures

I know, it's not a card post today, but my cousin got some great photos from our girls weekend and I thought I would share.

Our family has a fun tradition.  Some of us live nearby each other, but others live far away.  Those of us (me included) that live far away really missed the girl connection of our youth.  It felt that as we got older and had families, when we did get together, it was for a holiday or event and we women were so busy making the day special, we didn't get a chance to catch up and visit.  So, girls weekend was born.  We decided to get together - just us girls once a year with no entertaining.  We bring snacks, but meals are brought in from outside or eaten at a restaurant and we just hang out and chill.   We rotate where we go.  This year we came to Boston at my house.  We've been doing this for over 10 years now.  So fun.  Check out the photo's. 

okay, the above picture shows how silly we are.  We decided to hang a bra on the flag pole to indicate that estrogen ruled that day!  Yes, the neighbors thought we were crazy.  My husband and son were quite embarrassed!  Oh well, get over it!

We decided to go into Boston and do the tourist thing.   We are all sitting at the group table here at Fanueil Hall enjoying some lunch.  Chowders, lobster rolls and sushi were on the menu and of course Starbucks.  Yum.
Many of us walked the freedom trail.  Some ladies did the trolley tour and the power walkers went up to Bunker Hill.

Above is the view from the top of Bunker hill.  No, I didn't go, but the ladies below walked the mile to get there and then up all those steps.

This is cousin Caroline on the left and my sister Kathie on the right.  They were the ambitious walkers.

Above is my cousin Jan.  She is fondly known as Naughty for all the reasons you would think.  She and cousin Carol below enjoyed the trolley tour.

Cousin Carol came all the way from Florida to join us ladies.  Isn't she beautiful in her green sweater?

Cousin Robin is on the left and cousin Noralee is on the right.  Nor and I were born in the same year and spent lots of time together as children.  She is so dear to me.

Above is second cousin Tracey.  Yup, there were lots of photo's being taken that day.   One other cousin was with us, but no photo's of her.  She asked nicely to not be included on web posts or facebook.  I totally respect that. 

Lastly, we have a fun tradition with GW where we each do a show and tell of any items purchased during the weekend  and we also buy (during the weekend) an item for 3.99 or less.  Then we do a yankee swap gift exchange which is full of laughs.  Below is a photo of the Saturday night show and tell and gift exchange. We so enjoy hanging in our PJ's and giggling away at silly things.  Very therapeutic for our normally busy and sometimes stressful lives.
Thanks for viewing.  Do you have a fun girls only tradition?  I'd love to hear about it.  Leave me a comment!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

MFT Sketch Challenge

I know, graduation cards aren't needed needed until May or June, but I am working on some cards to donate to the christian school fundraiser in April.  I decided a pack of cards with a mothers day, fathers day, graduation and 2 birthday cards would be popular since most of the people attending the fundraiser silent auction may need these cards in the months following the auction.  So when I saw this sketch challenge for MFT I decided right away to ink up my conGRADulations girl and make my first card for the pack.  The school's colors are blue and white.  I added the brown because her hair is brown and her book bag is brown and I like to coordinate.  This sketch has a TON of layers in it and I was afraid of the card getting too busy too soon, so I wanted to keep as much continuity as possible.  I think if I were to do this again, I would use a solid brown instead of the tape measure ribbon.  I think against the polka dots it's just a little cluttered.  Well, thanks for stopping by and have a great week. 

Signs of Spring

Hi Bloggers,
Today's post doesn't have any cards so if you are here only for the cards, I won't be the least bit offended if you don't read.  But, for those who love SPRING - this post is all about spring.  Spring in New England is a slow process.  We take 2 steps forward and one step back.  Friday we were in the 70's.  Monday it will snow.  I take great pleasure in looking for all the small signs that spring is coming.  Below is my photo collage of the signs of spring around my house.

First, baseball.  My son has played baseball since he was old enough to hold a ball in his hands.

So, when the well worn baseball glove shows up on the kitchen counter - yup - that's a sure sign of spring.  this image greeting me this past week.  love it!

Next, spring bulbs.  I painstakingly scour the sales in the late fall for daffodils and clearance bulbs.  Then I hope for a day when the ground is NOT frozen solid in November or December and get busy putting the bulbs into the ground.  It takes some forethought, but the rewards are worth it.  Below is a hyacinth starting to come up.   In a few weeks I'll be rewarded with color and fragrance.  Yum.

Next - critters.  I have no idea what critter is digging holes in my back yard, but I know it wasn't my husband doing this.  Most likely chipmunks or squirrels or something.
 And one of my favorite images - the last tiny traces of snow.  The snow covered that entire lamp post in January.  Now all that is left is that little omelet shaped snow patch.  By the end of the day even that was gone.  Good riddance!
 And the water.  Behind our house is wetlands.  Yup, in the spring, it gets real wet.  We have a full size lake back there for March and April.  We have so much water back there in the spring that every year, ducks come to start their families.  The ducks are there, I just couldn't get close enough to get them in the photo.

So what does spring look like in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

WCS MA Div 3 Basketball State Champions

We won.  I can hardly believe it.  Very early in the season I could see the potential of this team and said 'this may be the year.'  I was right.  Wow, what an intense game today.  My son attends Whitinsville Christian School and his basketball team played in the Massachussetts Division 3 state championship game today and came away with a win.  The other team was fierce and we could hardly score anything off them.  I think this was our lowest scoring game all season - including the games we lost!  We took it at 42-36.  An unbelievably low scoring game for varsity high school boys.  I heard that no other team had scored more than 40 points off this team.  Our boys worked hard for the win today and I'm so happy for them.

Photo's Below and video below.  Now I just need to find something to get my heart rate back down and my nails to grow back.  What a day!

This photo is of my son, Eric and his best friend and next door neighbor Conner.  They have been playing basketball together since 3rd grade.  Don't you love that trophy??

Here is the team as they came back to the school for the rally.  I love their expressions!  That's my Eric, 4th one in from the left.

Here's our boys shaking hands with the Watertown team at the end of the game.  Eric is the last in line there on the left.

Here's Bob and I at the game.  It's pretty close up but with my iphone camera I just held my arms out and took a picture.  Don't we look sweet in blue and white??

And here is Jessa and Eric after the game.  Aren't they a cute couple?
And lastly here is a link to the video from the local news coverage:

Lastly is a link from a video I took from my iphone

Joanne's anniversary blog entry

A quick post today to show you my submission for Joanne B's 4'th anniversary blog challenge.  Joanne's challenge was to use at least three of the things below in my card:
  • Kraft Paper
  • Pink, Ivory and Orange as your color combination
  • Twine
  • Mixed Stitching
  • Ledger, Alpha or number paper
As you can see I was an overachiever.  I used all!  You can't see it but there are two different stitching in the card.  The first is in the upper left corner.  The second is in the lower right corner (but it got covered in the photo by the big wooden button.)

Well today is our big day.  My son's basketball team is off to play in the state championship game.  I need to cook him a protein enriched breakfast and get him to the school by 9:30 to catch the bus.  My hubby and I will head out later to get good seats at the DCU center to cheer on the team.  Go Crusaders!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bloggers Challenge Spring Flowers

So in my last post, I mentioned I wasn't going to have time to do any card making because my son's team was playing in some post season basketball play-off games.  Well, the GREAT news is I haven't had much stamping time this week.  They keep on winning!    We won last week in the DISTRICT championship.  We won Wednesday in the state semi-final and we are really hoping for a win tomorrow in the MA state championship basketball games.   Go Crusaders.  What a fun time for our school and the families.  Everyone is so supportive and comes out to the games.  It's so fun to see the audience for our team.  There are so many young kids from the elementary school and so many parents.  We also have the joy of seeing some recent grads in the stands since the play-offs are happening during college spring break week.

Aren't these just the cutest boys ever???  Eric is on the upper row in the middle (4th in from the left, 3rd in from the right)  

As for my card, my beautiful daughter will turn 22 next month.  When I saw our blogger's challenge theme was spring flowers I decided to do a creation and use it for her birthday card.  I love this image from papertrey ink.  I adore tulips and love the fact that they come in every color.  I really had fun coloring these in with a combination of coral pink's, light oranges and some yellow reds copics.  I thought the image really needed all the attention, so I kept the layout and other card elements super simple and in this case I think less really is more.  The tulips are mounted on a based of Peach Pizzaz and then Always Artichoke and the card base is Crumb Cake (or Kraft for traditionalists like me.)  The adorable bow was done with some really nice Kraft colored twill that I got from Carly Robertson's esty shop.  The inside is done by stamping my tulip image in crumb cake and then the Hugs and Wishes sentiment done right over it in Peach Pizzaz.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Stop back Sunday for another post and the game result!

Oh and if you want to make a spring flowers card creation, make it, post it and link it in below!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bloggers Challenge Birthday

I know, I know, it's Sunday and my post is for Friday's Bloggers Challenge.  It's just a little late ( - :  But, honestly, I do have a good excuse.  First, my card was finished Wed.  But my laptop died so I only got it back up to speed on Thursday.  And I struggled with my photo software.  And girls weekend (our annual gathering of my female relatives) was at my house this year so 8 lovely ladies arrived on Friday.  But here it is!   Better late than never and yes, we had a lovely time at GW this year.  Lots of laughter and girl bonding.

I decided to try to use this tag die to make a scene card.  The tag is a little small, but I made it work.  It has a nice fun, youthful spring look to it.  Isn't it cute?  I also (finally) used my MFT cloud dies.  I had thought I'd use this die all the time.  Maybe now that spring is coming, I will find more use for it.  The blue gingham paper is from A*Muse, the green is pear pizzaz from SU.  The birds are PTI and the grass and clouds are from MFT.  Hope you are enjoying the rest of the weekend.  I am looking forward to heading out with dogs in a bit to enjoy the sunshine.  Do you want to create a birthday card and join the challenge?  Give it a try and post along below.  We'd love to see what you come up with.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Favorite Things Sketch # 9

Wow - where did the weekend go? I can't believe it's Sunday evening already.  Did you have a fun weekend?  Did you spend time with someone you like?  I hope so.  I hosted my 'cards for soldiers' workshop yesterday and enjoyed making cards with several very nice and fun ladies.  Then today I took at class at church and then went to lunch with my Tues Eve bible study group.  We had fun.  It's good to spend time with ladies who you have something in common with.  It's also nice to have time to just chit-chat and relax over a meal that someone else prepared and cleaned up after. 

Today's post is for the MFT Wed Sketch Challenge.  The deadline for submitting is noon on Tuesday and since the boys varsity basketball team won the district playoff Friday, we are off to WPI tomorrow night for the big game for the central MA regional semi-finals.  SSo, after dinner it was off the craft room to get busy on this one.

This little PI girl is called 'peekaboo.'  I colored her up with some copics and paper pieced her dress and flower (in her hair) from this adorable paper 'Happy Together' by fancy pants.  The card stock is pti's white and the blue scallop is from SU Not Quite Navy.  The sentiment is done up by mixing and matching MFT sentiments and the ribbon is white grosgrain. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Leave a comment. Let me know what you love about March and what you hate about March.  I'll go first.  I love warmer and longer days.   It was in the 50's today so just a spring coat me for me.   I hate melting snow piles with dirt and sand mixed in; messy, sloppy, yuck!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bloggers Challenge - Color Challenge

Brrr, it sure is cold here in New England today.  Only 12 degrees as I left for work this morning.  I was so glad to hear the weather forecast say it will be warmer this weekend.  I was also so glad to get such a great color challenge to work on this week for bloggers challenge.  Our challenge (and yours too if you decide to play along) was to use the colors peach, green and white.  How springlike are those?  My biggest challenge was figuring out what image to go with.  I couldn't help but finally settle on a floral image, although I was tempted to do a peach jam card.  Maybe I'll work on that this weekend, that is if I have time.

My son plays on the varsity basketball team at his high school and their team is phenomenally good this year.  The goods news about that is that they are playing in a lot of playoff games this march.  The bad news is that my son doesn't get a lot of playing time this year because the boys are so talented, he's no longer the star!  Ah well, it's a great life lesson and he still loves the game and the team.  We are encouraging him that his role this year is more a  Rudy.  For those that don't know the movie, it is about a young man with a passion for Notre Dame football.  He goes to the school, makes the team but never gets playtime.  His role is to work with the starters during practices to make the starters superstars.  He accepts his role gladly and the team succeeds.

Eric is a junior this year so he may get a chance to shine next year.  But the reason for that little story/diversion is that I won't have time to stamp tonight because we will be going to the big divisional playoff game tonight.  We will face a team we have beat twice before but it's still a big game.

So, do you want to see the card??  Of course you do.
This is a clean and simple design using a darling sketch I found in my sketch box.  The image is an old SU set for mothers day.  I stamped it on watercolor paper and used my watercolor crayons and an aqua pen to put color in the flowers and pots.  I added Tim Holtz pearl drops on the pussy-willows to give them texture.  I added stickles to the peach blossoms on the topiary.  The card stock is SU Apricot Appeal (retired), certainly celery ribbon and card stock for the horizontal line and old olive DSP for the scalloped edge.  The watercolor paper is matted on a fine line of certainly celery.  The sentiment is an A*Muse favorite and the pearls add a nice accent to the left upper corner.

Do you want to play along with the challenge?  Just make a card using peach, green and white.  Load it on a blog or splitcoaststampers and then add your link below.