Monday, March 21, 2011

Girls Weekend Pictures

I know, it's not a card post today, but my cousin got some great photos from our girls weekend and I thought I would share.

Our family has a fun tradition.  Some of us live nearby each other, but others live far away.  Those of us (me included) that live far away really missed the girl connection of our youth.  It felt that as we got older and had families, when we did get together, it was for a holiday or event and we women were so busy making the day special, we didn't get a chance to catch up and visit.  So, girls weekend was born.  We decided to get together - just us girls once a year with no entertaining.  We bring snacks, but meals are brought in from outside or eaten at a restaurant and we just hang out and chill.   We rotate where we go.  This year we came to Boston at my house.  We've been doing this for over 10 years now.  So fun.  Check out the photo's. 

okay, the above picture shows how silly we are.  We decided to hang a bra on the flag pole to indicate that estrogen ruled that day!  Yes, the neighbors thought we were crazy.  My husband and son were quite embarrassed!  Oh well, get over it!

We decided to go into Boston and do the tourist thing.   We are all sitting at the group table here at Fanueil Hall enjoying some lunch.  Chowders, lobster rolls and sushi were on the menu and of course Starbucks.  Yum.
Many of us walked the freedom trail.  Some ladies did the trolley tour and the power walkers went up to Bunker Hill.

Above is the view from the top of Bunker hill.  No, I didn't go, but the ladies below walked the mile to get there and then up all those steps.

This is cousin Caroline on the left and my sister Kathie on the right.  They were the ambitious walkers.

Above is my cousin Jan.  She is fondly known as Naughty for all the reasons you would think.  She and cousin Carol below enjoyed the trolley tour.

Cousin Carol came all the way from Florida to join us ladies.  Isn't she beautiful in her green sweater?

Cousin Robin is on the left and cousin Noralee is on the right.  Nor and I were born in the same year and spent lots of time together as children.  She is so dear to me.

Above is second cousin Tracey.  Yup, there were lots of photo's being taken that day.   One other cousin was with us, but no photo's of her.  She asked nicely to not be included on web posts or facebook.  I totally respect that. 

Lastly, we have a fun tradition with GW where we each do a show and tell of any items purchased during the weekend  and we also buy (during the weekend) an item for 3.99 or less.  Then we do a yankee swap gift exchange which is full of laughs.  Below is a photo of the Saturday night show and tell and gift exchange. We so enjoy hanging in our PJ's and giggling away at silly things.  Very therapeutic for our normally busy and sometimes stressful lives.
Thanks for viewing.  Do you have a fun girls only tradition?  I'd love to hear about it.  Leave me a comment!

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