Sunday, March 20, 2011

Signs of Spring

Hi Bloggers,
Today's post doesn't have any cards so if you are here only for the cards, I won't be the least bit offended if you don't read.  But, for those who love SPRING - this post is all about spring.  Spring in New England is a slow process.  We take 2 steps forward and one step back.  Friday we were in the 70's.  Monday it will snow.  I take great pleasure in looking for all the small signs that spring is coming.  Below is my photo collage of the signs of spring around my house.

First, baseball.  My son has played baseball since he was old enough to hold a ball in his hands.

So, when the well worn baseball glove shows up on the kitchen counter - yup - that's a sure sign of spring.  this image greeting me this past week.  love it!

Next, spring bulbs.  I painstakingly scour the sales in the late fall for daffodils and clearance bulbs.  Then I hope for a day when the ground is NOT frozen solid in November or December and get busy putting the bulbs into the ground.  It takes some forethought, but the rewards are worth it.  Below is a hyacinth starting to come up.   In a few weeks I'll be rewarded with color and fragrance.  Yum.

Next - critters.  I have no idea what critter is digging holes in my back yard, but I know it wasn't my husband doing this.  Most likely chipmunks or squirrels or something.
 And one of my favorite images - the last tiny traces of snow.  The snow covered that entire lamp post in January.  Now all that is left is that little omelet shaped snow patch.  By the end of the day even that was gone.  Good riddance!
 And the water.  Behind our house is wetlands.  Yup, in the spring, it gets real wet.  We have a full size lake back there for March and April.  We have so much water back there in the spring that every year, ducks come to start their families.  The ducks are there, I just couldn't get close enough to get them in the photo.

So what does spring look like in your neck of the woods?

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Clara said...

I love your posting today with the "signs of spring". Happy first day of spring to you! I'm sooooo glad it's finally made it's way to us after the horrific winter we all had. :)