Monday, April 4, 2011

Pure Innocence goes shabby

Good morning,
Did you have a nice weekend?  Did you do anything special?  We had a really nice LONG weekend.  The best kind.  My husband and I took a few days off from work and took my son, Eric, down south to look at some colleges.  He's a junior this year and we thought it would be fun to tour some campuses down south while it was still winter and cold up by us in New England.  We had a really nice time.  I love the Carolinas and my husband and I both decided that we would love to retire down there.  At the end of this post are some photo's and more insights into our trip.  But you are probably here for the card!  My Favorite Things is having a guest designer challenge and I decided to try my hand at it.  The theme is shabby chic.  This is not a style I normally do, but heck, a challenge is a challenge so I decided to give it try.  I inked up this darling pure innocence girl on some old, unused cross-stitch fabric.  I colored it with pastel copics and then crinkled it and dabbed it in antique linen Tim Holtz ink.  I cut it all up and ripped it up a bit.  Then I used some My Mind's Eye papers, distressed them up a bit and layered everything together.  To top it off I used some twill ribbon (dyed tea colored) under my antique brad.  She is so cute!  Don't you think?

So on to our trip.  I always seem to have some funny coincidences on my trips.  As a Christian, I often feel that coincidences are not really by accident and I try to see if God is speaking to me when they happen. In this case, I can't tell what he's saying, but I'm sure he's involved.  The below picture is of my son, Eric, in the blue (his back is to the camera) and his best friend and next door neighbor (Connor) in the black jacket.  Here is the coincidence.  We made our trip plans back in February.  We had no idea the Connor and his mother were also going to visit colleges during spring break.   We had no idea they were going to visit North Carolina State Raleigh on Wed.  So weren't we surprised to be at the 1:00 tour and see them walk in.  Very strange.  The boys were happy to see each other.  Maybe they'll both go there and room together.
I was so impressed with North Carolina State at Raleigh.  What a great school.  They have a great engineering program, very closely tied to the research triangle industry in town, with a heavy emphasis on internships and research.  My son is considering biomedical engineering.  He would do well with their program.  The only downside to the school is it's size.  I think they have over 20,000 undergraduates there.  But the campus is planned out well and it's right in Raleigh.  I was impressed.  Plus, I won a free NC state red tee-shirt for paying attention to the orientation meeting.  I was the only one who knew that you can apply for housing right after you are accepted.  Of course, Eric got the free t-shirt, but that was fine with me.
The other schools we visited were Elon and Clemson.  Elon was beautiful.  Very well planned campus and highly manicured.  At 5,000 students, it was much smaller than NC state, but had nice small class size and a broad listing of majors.  They don't really do engineering so if Eric decides to go with biomedical engineering, he probably won't end up there, but they had a strong science dept and he thought the exercise science program may be interesting.  We'll see.  I think he'd be much better off in engineering for job opportunities, but there may be a lot to that other program as well. The picture above and below are from Clemson. What a nice campus.  Clemson is in south carolina and it felt a bit more southern than the other schools.  They also have a strong engineering program with emphasis on internships.  I was impressed with that program also, and it's a bit smaller - everything on campus is walking distance and instead of being in a city, there is a cute little college town.  If it was me, I would want to go there.  They have a huge division 1 sports base there and the football games and basketball games looked like they would be awesome. So for now, we are telling Eric to keep an open mind, do well on his SAT's next month and apply to the school's he is interested in.  Let's see if any scholarship money comes in and then he can choose from several good options next spring.
Finally, to finish out our trip, we headed down to Pinehurst.  What a lovely town.  The boys played golf at Tobacco Road.  They did very well considering how difficult the course is and that it was their first round this season.  I headed to the Pinehurst spa and was treated to a wonderful hot stone massage.  It was a lovely day all around.  If you are in Greensboro or Raleigh NC, I highly recommend the short drive down to the spa for at treat.  It was so worth it!

Well, that's enough for today.  If you have any insights into Elon, NC State, Clemson or Biomedical engineering, let me know.  I'd love to know more about these.  Lastly, even if you don't, leave a comment.  I love to hear from ya all! 


wrapknot said...

that sounded like a awesome weekend. i liked the first one, and then promptly liked the next one and the next. it certainly is interesting how each has a unique quality. you'll have to look back at this entry when he makes his decision. he's a great dude and will do well anywhere!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Terrific card Linda! Great idea to use the cross stitch fabric! Love this PI image too! It looks like you had a wonderful time in North Carolina! Best of luck to Eric in making his big decision! :D

Sassafras said...

I love the image on the cross-stitch fabric; it gives such nice texture to your card.

Kind of wild to meet up with Connor at North Carolina State! I imagine he and Eric loved it. It sounds like your family really enjoyed your weekend!