Monday, May 9, 2011

Choosing between two dresses

So yesterday I posted about mother's day, I mentioned that Sarah and I went dress shopping.  She purchased two great dresses and now has to decide which one to keep to wear to her senior formal.  I think she looks great in both of these.  I personally love the blue, but her father thought the red one had that wow factor.  The red is certainly more of a semi-formal gown with the big bold flowers. Which do you think she should wear?


Kimberly Gajewski said...

Sarah looks BEAUTIFUL in both dresses! I LOVE the blue one, but I think that the red one is more semi-formalish! It also has a younger college feel to it, so the red one has my vote! Have a wonderful time Sarah!! You look lovely in both dresses! :D

Shirley said...

She looks beautiful in both, but I love the blue for her formal. You know of course, that she looks great in both, so you'll get a range of yeses.

Sassafras said...

I think Sarah looks lovely in both dresses, but I love the blue one the best!