Sunday, June 12, 2011

MFT Sketch Challenge - coffee girl

It's a rainy Sunday here in New England and I'm looking forward to going to church in a bit and then heading home and spending the afternoon in my craft room.  Some people go to church out of obligation, but I go because I really do love it.  I love the people - it's like my family.  I also love the music.  We have some great worship leaders and we can really rock the house.  I also love the messages. They are relevant and interesting.  Today our pastor will be preaching on prayer.  I look forward to learning some things.  I hope you are able to find a church that you love going to.  It's a great thing.

Anyway back to crafting....  I made this card for the MFT sketch challenge.  I inked up this 'A La Mode' coffee girl with my copics and layered on some papertrey ink everyday blessing papers. I finished her off with some stitching. I think she's adorable no matter how I work with her.  Below is the sketch challenge I worked with.

I am glad to have some time today to craft because I have a lot of things I need to practice from my copic class yesterday.  It was a great class.  Debbie Olson and Lori Craig were fabulous teachers and they are incredibly talented crafters.  I discovered several things I was doing wrong - especially with my 'large areas' to color.  I will do more posts on what I learned but the main thing I'm going to practice today is the flicking and feathering.  In the past I would saturate my paper with copic color and just keep layering on color on top of color.  It didn't always give me the effect I wanted.  Lori taught me that if I flick my pen from the edge of the image to the center I'll get a better light to dark effect with a lot less ink.  Feathering is similar but it is how you would flick one color from one end of the image and a lighter color in from the other.  Lori was very practical with us.  While she taught us the techniques she also emphasized the importance of practice.  So if you have copics and don't always like the effect you get with them, here is my advice.  Read 'I like markers' blog or go to a class.  Then take several sheets of paper with images and instead of making cards with them, practice coloring.  Think of it like tennis.  You take a lesson, then you hit balls with a machine or a back board or a friend.  Then you play a game.   Most people aren't born talented tennis players or card makers.  They get there with practice.  More on the class in the future posts.


Shirley said...

How totally cute is this! Me, only I usually have tons of plastic bags hanging off both arms. LOL

wrapknot said...

hey linda, i'm glad the class was super fun. i love to get new info on what i'm trying to do, especially when someone can point out how to do it better. it finally gives great meaning to the term 'corrective criticism' and i love it. when i was at a wool weekend in may, one of the gals mentioned that she enters as many items as she possibly can in the competitions, not to wim (that' always a nice benefit) but to have someone with experiece and a fresh eye evaluate her work. i'm going to start giving it a try.
by the way, the cupcakes were for eliza's bridal shower. robin told me they were a huge hit, especially with the purple sparkly hearts (punched and tombowed together). that will be a fun wedding!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Great card Linda! I LOVE these papers! :D

Sassafras said...

She is a cute girl - like her a latte!

I'm so glad to hear you liked your class and that you got to meet Debbie Olson. I'm excited that you got to learn the feathering and flicking techniques. (I heard Debbie talk about that on one of her videos; looks it makes a nice difference.)