Friday, July 8, 2011

Advice Anyone?

Hi all,

I am hoping that one of you blogger friends may be able to offer some advice for me.

I have been asked to make 50 thank you cards for a church event.  The theme is FUEL.  Fuel is not a great card making theme, so I am looking to you for inspiration.  I am planning on NOT doing a car, plane or fuel pump stamp image.  Why?  Because I have found all the plane & car stamps are pretty bland and boring (or too cutsy) and I have not found any fuel pump stamps (hmmm, wonder why?)  So I am planning on just making the cards using the color scheme or race car themed paper.
So, what suggestions do you have for me?  Above is the custom image they used on the invitations.  I'm thinking of doing a multi-layer card using some fun (big) thank you sentiments.  Maybe I'll use some of the retired crushed curry paper mixed with black, white and grey.  Maybe I could get some textured black or gray?  That would be interesting.  Maybe I can find some race flag paper or add some black or grey gingham paper to mix in.  I'm curious to hear your ideas.  I need to get started on the designs before I leave for my business trip on July 18th.  I plan to do 10 different designs and make 5 of each.  Why?  I get bored easily repeating the same card over and over again!  Leave me a post with your ideas.  THANK YOU!


Karen said...

What about corn stalks?

I like your idea about the color scheme.

What black item could you use along with corn? And why not a car? I've seen some sports car stamps - SU? - which looked nice...

Haven't had time to think on it but corn immediately popped into my mind, so I wanted to share quick.

Pam said...

How about printing out the image that was used on the invitations small (quarter sized) and pop-dotting it somewhere on the card?

Karen said...

Okay, maybe I didn't get the idea... I thought fuel alternative, I guess!