Monday, July 25, 2011

Card Making and Scrapbooking in Asia

Well, here I am in Asia and if you know me, you know that this means that I went looking for stamping stores.  I always like to try to find some papercraft store in whatever foreign city I am in.  Singapore didn't disappoint.  I had found one store 'Made with Love' on the internet and had planned to go check it out.  While there (in a GIANT mall) I found 2 other papercraft stores in the mall. 

Made with love was the nicest, but I was impressed that they had so many.  It seems they focused more on scrapbooking, but it did appear to have high demand.  All three stores were packed.  This first photo is of  the mall itself.  It was 8 stories high and LOUD.  Because Singapore is a city on an island they really don't do strip malls, so think of this as the same as your target strip mall plaza.  The grocery store was at the bottom level, the first floor had the more high end stores and then the upper floors had everything in-between, including a strange store that was  $2.00 store from Japan.

The 'made with love' store had two different locations on the 3rd floor of the mall.  The one location had stamps and embellishments and paper. The other location had the die cut machines, dies and the classroom.  Both were adorable and well layed out.  I bought some fun button like things, but nothing else.  The stamps I saw were three times the price of the US.  So if a stamp set by me cost $10.00 at my local stamping store in the US, it was selling for $29.00 there.  The magazine CARDS was listed for $34.00.  I'm sure it's very expensive to ship these items and the mark up is high.  They also do a lot of promotions.  They had a deal that if you had a frequent shopper card, everything was 40% off in your basket.  Looks like our US model of discounting has hit over there as well.
This next photo was of one of the other stores.  I think this was called paper something.... it was very cute too, but had more journals, pens and office things mixed in with the papercraft stuff.
Lastly, I saw some hand stamped Penny Black cards for sale at the botanical gardens.

They had a retail price of $12.00 Singapore dollars (the same as $10.00 US dollars) and they had a full display of them.  So, it certainly seems that card making is alive and well in Asia!

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Kimberly Gajewski said...

I knew that you would find some papercrafting supplies! Great stores! I LOVE that they are in a mall and I LOVE the PB cards (a little bit expensive though)! :D