Sunday, July 3, 2011

Daisies at the Jersey Shore

Go ahead and laugh.  It really does sound ridiculous, but I don't care.  Our family vacations on the Jersey Shore and we love it.  No, we don't go to Seaside Heights where they film the reality show.   We go further south to a darling little beach town called Ocean City.   It really is wonderful and we always have a great time relaxing and enjoying the ocean.  While there, I was inspired to make this daisy card.  Lots of the beach houses had daisies in full bloom and each day when we walked the one block to the boardwalk and beach I passed them.    But this is the only card I made.  The weather was perfect for the beach and there was only one rainy afternoon so I didn't hardly spend anytime in the house.  What did we do?  Well I found a great little fitness studio in town so every day (except Thursday) I did yoga in the morning.  Wed and Fri they did yoga on the beach.  Sarah and Jessa joined me one day, but the instructor (Yoga Dog) wore them out so they didn't come back Friday.  It really was nice with the sunshine and waves in the background.  I'm sure people found us quite entertaining also! 

 One of the things I love about Ocean City is that everything is close by.  So we would bike everywhere.  You can bike on the boardwalk before noon, so that was our main transportation and road every day.

The main attraction was of course the beach.  Here is how pretty it was walking on to the beach each morning.  Our beach rental was on the beach block so we only had to pass a handful of houses and there we were.

And the kids (all ages) loved to play in the surf.  My 49 year old husband and 75 year old father were in the waves along with the teenagers!

Each evening we would head to the boardwalk.  Hannah's favorite stop was the amusement park (Wonderland) but everyone also enjoyed the free fudge samples, gelato, Kohr brothers soft serve, Johnsons caramel popcorn and curly fries.  Yup, we ate a taste of junk food every night.  We all sampled each others treat and tried hard to keep the seagulls from stealing!
Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!


Shirley said...

A really beautiful card, Linda! Love how your mounted the flowers and your colors too! TFS the memories too!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Beautiful card Linda! I LOVE those've colored them up so wonderfully! Great photographs! I'm glad that you had a terrific time! I can't wait to get together soon! :D

Karen said...

Love the daisies... and I loved reading about your fun in the sun with your family. So glad you had such a nice vacation - thanks for sharing!