Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello Card and update on Singapore

Hi bloggers,

I made this adorable hello card at a stampin up workshop before I left on my trip.  I love Baja Breeze with this new stamp set.  Judi does a great job designing cards with SU images and this is no exception. 

So, do you want to see pictures of a breathtaking garden?  I am only sharing a few here, but I took about a bizillion photos in the Singapore Botanical gardens and Orchid garden.

I have  been to a lot of beautiful places in my life, Hawaii, Bermuda, Bavarian Alps, Deserts in Arizona, but this botanical garden is at the top of my list of beautiful places.  Many of those majestic view places make you feel God's presence as an awe inspiring creator and you see the vastness of the mountains or sky and it makes you feel so small and humbled.  This botanical garden also makes you aware of God's presence but in an intimate and peaceful way.  Really, can make anything more impressive or beautiful than one of these flowers?  And to be surrounded with ACRES of color and beauty took my breath away.

The whole time I was walking through the garden, I kept humming to myself the hymn 'It is well with my soul...'  The song is really about having God's presence with you during times of trouble, but I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of peace that I was drawn to the lyrics of the song because I truly felt that 'it was well with my soul.'  Maybe the botanical gardens will become my 'happy place' when troubles abound.

Many times when I travel for work I am disappointed that I see the sights alone and not with my family or a friend, but this time in the garden was actually great alone.  I felt that if I had someone with me, we would have disturbed the beauty with our conversation.  I was able to savor the beauty of the environment without distraction.

The garden itself was just wonderful.  As I walked, each bend in the road brought me to another huge display of flowers.  I have been to orchid exhibits in different places that are fabulous.  I saw a great exhibit in Atlanta several years ago and Longwood Gardens in DE are great too, but no where have I ever seen so many colorful flowers in the environment in such multitude.  The photo's just do it justice for the abundance....

The actual botanical garden is right in the middle of the city, but when you are in it you can't see any of the sky scrapers or buildings. 

The botanical gardens themselves are free to the public so in the main area there are fountains and a big lawn area.  Just like Boston Common or Central Park NYC, all the locals come out to run, bike, walk the dog, picnic and  play.  Inside the botanical garden is the separate orchid garden.  It was @4.00 to get in and was amazing..  All of these photos above are from within the orchid garden.

If you ever get a chance to go to Asia, make a point to go to Singapore and see these gardens.  They really are breathtaking.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by.  I just arrived in Shanghai China today so stop by later this week to see photo's of China!


Georgie Horn said...

Lovely, check out my blog post on my walk through a beautiful Rose Garden in Columbus, Ohio. I'm also trying to gain followers, if you like, please follow me!

Karen said...

Such a lovely post, Linda, thanks for sharing the beauty and your thoughts on God's creation...

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Beautiful photographs, Linda! It looks like a wonderful place to visit! I like the button that you added to the "Hello" card! I was thinking of adding a charm or something to dress it up a bit too! :D