Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Impression Obsession Challenge - Any

Hi friends,

Today's post is for the I/O challenge.  This challenge is ANY occasion.  When I was at the Springfield stamp show I picked up a few darling I/O christmas stamps and decided to start playing with them.  This is done with Impression Obsessions, Holly Chickadee E7024.  Want to do the challenge?  Check out the link and join the fun.  The challenge will be posted on Thursday July 21st.

I got some really nice DSP (retired) and thought it matched the elegant nature of this christmas bird.  I made this card before I left for my trip.

I am in Singapore now and it is such an interesting city.  I am not yet sure if I like it.   Maybe I am still jet-lagged, but it is different from any other place I've ever been.

The photos below are from the Singapore Theater area where we had dinner.  The photo is taken at the outdoor entertainment area overlooking the water with a view of the new casino.  Doesn't this remindyou of James Bond?  The second photo is taken in the opposite direction (over the water) of the city proper with some of the skyscrapers.  Very futuristic don't you think?

I feel like I'm in a strange science fiction movie.  Even though I know it is very safe (there is hardly any crime here) I still feel rather unsettled and almost fearful.  Quite the opposite reaction than what I thought.  It is very bizarre but here I am in Asia and it doesn't feel at all Asian.  It feels like a cross between Bermuda (British Colony with Bermuda architecture buildings), NYC's china town and Tokyo (skyscrapers with harbor and river...)  All the signage and many of the brands are english and everyone speaks english so it doesn't feel at all chinese or asian, except for the food.  It is very well manicured (think Epcot center) and tropical but still very strange.  Maybe after a good nights sleep I'll see the city in a new light.  I also think that seeing the historic section of the city (and the botanical gardens) will be more my speed and that is on the agenda for Saturday.  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day.  More pic's for you later this week.


Kimberly Gajewski said...

Beautiful card, Linda! I LOVE that image! So pretty! Hope that your travels get a bit better! Miss you! :D

April said...

Your card is so pretty and elegant. Singapore is beautiful! Hope you will find it a lot better as you go along.

Karen said...

I hope you've gotten your inner clock reset and that you're warming up to the city (pun!) (It might be hotter in Boston!)

Love the chickadee!