Monday, July 25, 2011

A stampless card and news from Shanghai

This is my first ever, card without a stamp.  I had every intention of using a stamp but as I started to work with the patterned paper, ribbon, embellishments and flower I thought a stamped image would make it too busy so I left the stamp off.  This is not my usual style but I wanted something girly for a congratulations card and this seemed to fit the bill.  I whipped this up last Saturday before my trip.

So today is Monday in China and I'm getting really tired.  Thankfully, I've been sleeping pretty well but between the work and the travel and the sightseeing day I'm pretty pooped.  I told my boss that we are protecting our brains from Alzheimer.  Studies say that doing something new triggers things in the brain that keep it young.  Trust me, when you are in a foreign city, you are 'on alert' in ways you are not when you are home.  There is no such thing as auto pilot, but at the same time, it does tax on your energy levels when you are on 'alert' all day and evening long.

So, I am here in Shanghai and am absorbing the enormity of the city and the population.  Driving into the city from the airport was like driving through the bronx over and over again.  There are just sky scrapers and then more sky scrapers.  There really are a LOT of people here.  My hotel is in the financial side of town and it is pretty nice.  Tonight we went to 'the bund' which is an area of the city near the river with great views of the city skyline.  It was very pretty and high tech.

The city is nicer than I expected.  It's pretty clean and they have lots of areas of water (rivers and small lakes) within the city.  It is quite scary to ride in the taxi here.  Double lines and red lights don't really deter people and cars just cut in whenever.   We are hoping to finish the business meetings early on Tuesday so I can go out and do a little shopping and sight seeing.  Today we finished up pretty late and only had time for a quick bite and a view of the skyline before heading back to hotel to catch up on e-mails and get some rest.

I am really looking forward to heading home in another day.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.


Karen said...

I'm really enjoying following you on your trip (glad I don't have to do the work - or the travel!) The photos of Shanghai are quite striking, especially the one shot at night. And the news on world card-making is fun.

Your card is soft and lovely, and reading about your thought process is always nice.

Safe travel home. I look forward to catching up one day soon!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

What a beautiful card Linda! I especially LOVE the pearls! More wonderful photographs! I feel like I'm there with you! Get some rest, my friend! :D