Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update from Shanghai

No card post today.. just some photos and info about my trip to Shanghai.

First, you may be wondering.... what does Linda do for work that causes her to travel to Singapore and Shanghai China?  My business card title is Business System Analyst.  I work for a Semi-conductor company whose headquarters are near Boston MA.  I work in the sales/finance dept and basically I help the sales/finance pricing group develop processes, procedures and systems to ensure that our products are sold for the correct price.   I work very closely with the supervisors of the quote centers to ensure that the people who are involved in the discount process are following our company policies and processes.

Usually I travel to our main sales office headquarters.  So about every 18 months I find myself on an 'around the world trip' to Munich Germany (headquarters for all of Europe), Taipei Taiwan (headquarters for all of Asia) and Tokyo Japan (headquarters for all of Japan.)  Since I'm based out of the Boston area, most users that I work with are in the Boston area.  I am in Singapore and Shanghai introducing a new process to be more effective with specific customers and the users I needed to train and work with are in these Asia offices so they had me come here instead of flying them to Taiwan.

Below is a picture of the lobby of our Shanghai sales office.  The water sculpture is very cool...

 Next, below is a photo of my boss, Rich and I.  We have been working together for about 5 years now.  I've worked for him for about 2 1/2 years and he's a really great boss and treats me with tremendous respect.
 Below is the group photo of the customer service and inside sales ladies I got to work with for the last two days.  They were a joy to work with.  They were all very professional and engaged.  I'm eager to see how they successfully implement the changes we discussed this week.  They are very bright so I'm optimistic that they'll successfully overcome the challenges they've faced recently.
I really love my job.  Especially when I am working with the users.  They usually learn something from me (and I from them) on every visit and I appreciate their contributions to the process discussions.  In some ways I feel like a teacher and get a lot of satisfactions when a 'student' really starts to understand something.

I didn't think about it at the time, but I wonder how it is for these ladies to live in China.  A few of the ladies are married with a child.   I wondered after I left them how they feel about China's one child policy and/or how it impacts their life. One of the ladies is married with no children.  I wonder if she is waiting to have her one child until later in life when she can stay home from work.  I wonder about the other two ladies who have one child.  Do they wish they could have another or do they accept the situation.  Sadly I also think about what would have to happen if one of them had an unplanned pregnancy.  From what I understand they would be forced to abort the child.  Imagine....  Lastly I wonder what it is like to be forbidden to explore a religion like Christianity.  I understand that it is illegal to have a christian church service or have a bible.  I take for granted that I am free to pursue my faith openly.   Imagine not having that freedom.

Well, enough imagining.  I count it a privilege to meet and know these lovely ladies and while I don't love traveling, I will look forward to seeing my new friends again if my business calls for travel to China again in the future.


Georgie Horn said...

what an interesting job you have and the people you must meet. Thanks for sharing!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Thanks for sharing about your journey! I am going to China in October- love hearing your thoughts!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Now I know exactly what to say you do for work the next time I tell someone that you are travelling! It certainly sounds quite interesting! :D