Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update from Singapore

Hi blogger friends,

I have no card to share with you today (although I do have one for you on Friday for BC so check back.)  I do have an update on my trip in Singapore.  I have found some beautiful parts of the city.   My flight landed Wednesday morning at 1:00 am (delayed) and we had our first big meeting also on Wednesday morning at 9:00 (which meant being up at 7:00 am to prep and be to the office on time) so I was a bit off.  Then after a long day working we had our work dinner in the high tech part of town.  Thursday was another long work day, but after we finally finished at 7:00pm I got to head back to the hotel and walk around a bit.  You may be wondering how I wandered around at 7:00 and am posting now.  I am 12 hours ahead of the US so it is now 7:30 am Friday morning.

Between last night and this morning I found some really beautiful parts of the city and am in love.

There are flowers everywhere.  There is color everywhere.  There is every type of culture and nationality here.  I had my choice of restaurants last night.  There was australian, indian, irish, french, chinese, malysian & japanese.  Since we had a big lunch I enjoyed a light dinner of miso soup and sushi.  Of course there was american food, but that was mcdonalds!  Go figure.
These pictures are from my walk this morning.  The Singapore river runs through the city and on each edge of the river (at least in this part of the city) there are no cars, just walking and biking trails on each side.  I had a nice long walk starting at 6:30 and enjoyed this gorgeous scenery.  I was surprised that for a city of 5 million people, noone was up and about at this hour.  I think there are more people awake in my little town of Northbridge at 7:00am on a Friday than this entire city.  I saw about as many cats as humans.

Well, off to shower, eat and head to the office.  Thanks for stopping by.  More photos to come from my sightseeing day on Saturday.

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Karen said...

The gardens look so lush and inviting. I am glad you enjoyed a lovely walk along the river. The city looks clean and pleasant with a mix of modern and traditional structures. It must have been interesting to wander through a place where none of the inhabitants are about...

I hope the rest of your trip is successful and unstressful and that you find time to enjoy your unfamiliar surroundings. When do you leave Singapore?