Tuesday, August 16, 2011

KISS - When will I learn??

Okay, usually I am pretty 'wise.'  I generally take life experiences, apply them to my current situation and usually don't make the same mistake twice.  But sometimes I am not so wise, especially when it comes to papercrafting. Do you fall victim to papercrafting stupidity?  I often take on challenges that are too big and over my head.  I should always remember the motto KISS when I embark on anything - Keep it simple stupid.  When I am wise I apply this rule to menu's at parties.  When I am wise I apply this rule to holiday's.   And I should have been wise and applied this rule to the invitations for Sarah's going away party.  My original design for these cards was very nice, but very time consuming.  It included stitching, a complex fold, magnets to have the card close, several die cuts, added stickles, ribbons etc.  It was taking me 30 minutes to make each card and the supplies were close to $1.00 per card, not good for something I would make 30 of!

I managed to make only 8 of these before I pooped out.

Then I got wise and decided that the rest of the 22 invitations would be a more simplistic design.  And the real crack-up is that I think I like the simple design more than the complex one.  Go figure.

Well, at least I wised up in the middle of the process. 

Above is a display of the 8 'complex' cards I finished before I gave up.  You've seen the close up to this above card if you follow my blog.  I had posted this as part of bloggers challenge a few weeks ago.  It really is sweet with a stitched pocket on the inside and an insert with the party details, but way too much work to make in bulk.

So here is my new simple design.
This card uses the papertrey ink stamp set modern vases.  It's simple but darling.  The only hard part is the paper pieced vase, but Sarah has agreed to cut these out for me and it really makes the card nicer.  Since the card is simple, I can afford to embellish the envelopes a little.  You can see the brown polka dot filler for the inside above.  You can see the bonus vase and flowers on the outside below.  Since most of these will be mailed, I think this little 'extra touch' will be noticed by many.  I got a few more sheets of brown polka dot paper yesterday so I should now have enough supplies to finish the job.  The colors for this are blushing bride and chocolate chip.  The border is done with an SU chocolate chip marker and the polka dot paper is from American Craft.
So, now I'm off to whip up 21 more of these simple cards.  Because of the simpler design, I should be done by the end of America's Got Talent tonight no problem.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!


Karen said...

These cards are both exquisite (and I can't wait to see which one I get!) I hope you're saving one of each for Sarah (and I confess, I want to see both in person!)

I have been waiting to see all the detail on your hydrangea card; what a beautiful design. But keeping it sweet and simple gave rise to your lovely, understated second invitation. It may be simple but it lacks no detail. I love the image (and the lining) on the envelope, too, such a pretty, inviting touch.

Kimberly Gajewski said...
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Kimberly Gajewski said...

Both are BEAUTIFUL, Linda! LOVE the blue on the hydrangeas, and the sweet little polka dots on the other card are a perfect mix with these colors! The liner makes such an elegant touch! :D

PS. I had to delete my above comment...had a misspelling! :D