Thursday, August 18, 2011

Memory Box Colored Pencil Class

On Monday afternoon (in the pouring rain) my friend Kimberly and I headed off to Stafford Springs CT to visit Inspiration Station and meet Dave Brethauer the owner and founder of Memory Box - a creative papercraft line of dies, stamps and paper.   Dave and his family hit the road every summer and go from Seattle WA all over the US to teach classes and visit stores that carry his line.  He does a great class and if you ever see him in your neighborhood sign up and take the class.  He is an effective teacher.  It's fun and informative.  We were really glad we went.

Want to see what we made?  Of course you do!

First up was a simple holly leaf.  He taught us how to pencil darker at the edges, lighter in the middle, leaving a slight blank area for the highlight.  Simple, but beautiful.

Next up (above) is a simple and small bird image.  Here we mixed in two colors again blending darker on the outside, lighter inside leaving blank areas for highlights.  I almost came home with this stamp.  I adore birds - especially winter birds.  I may still bring this baby home to ink up sometime, but there is lots of time before winter hits (I hope!)
This pear card was really fun to color.  I love this one.  Here we blended several colors (green, red, orange and yellow) to make each pear slightly different and bring in shading.  This is so artistic and fun.  I love it.  I also adore his color paper.  The shades of the colors are really nice.  He sells both plain card stock (colored on the outside, white on the inside) but he also sells pre-folded card and envelope packs.  His line is very easy to use and get good results with.

Next was an autumn leaf.  Here we blended red, orange, yellow and green to make a beautiful fall maple leaf.  Simple, but very nice.

Last was this bird with a bell.  Bob was very impressed with this one when I showed him.  It highlighted all the teaching techniques and is a very nice effect.  Are you wondering how I got that scarf to have stripes and the cape to have polka dots?   We took an embossing stylus and dug into the card stock some lines and dots.  When you color with the soft prisma pencils, the color doesn't go into the deep creases created by the embossing stylus so that area stays the color of your paper.  What a great technique with a great result.  I love this one and this bird stamp may also make it into my collection this fall as well.  Can you tell that I love bird images?  I have a bunch and I am always drawn to them.

So, if you follow my blog, you know that I adore my copic markers, but now I'm going to give a little love to my prisma colored pencils also.  They both provide very different results and both create fine masterpieces. 

Thanks for stopping by today and if you want to see more memory box stuff, check out the website.

or follow Dave's blog

They are also available at your local stamp store.  Enjoy!


Kimberly Gajewski said...

Ahhh...this WAS a wonderful class! I'm so glad that we went! Nothing like spending a couple of hours coloring and with great company (and we were the quiet table...LOL!!!) :D

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh-muh-gosh! I went to his classes at Ink About It in Westford. Isn't he so much fun?!?