Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MFT sketch challenge chocolate cake girl

Hi bloggers,

We had an interesting weekend in New England with tropical storm Irene.  My house and neighborhood came out with no damage.  Our only concern was a few uprooted sunflower plants from the neighbor down the road, an overturned soccer net and quite a bit of tree and branch clutter along the lawns, roads, driveways and sidewalks.  However, we have been without internet and cable since Sunday.  I am posting this after hours at work (to publish very early in the morning) but if I haven't commented on your blog - I'm sorry - I can't!  I'll try to catch up on my comments when service is restored.  I'm not complaining at all though.  My friend from work lives in Foxboro MA and they are several days without power.   She heard today they won't be restored until Wednesday.  Poor things.  She has 2 school aged kids (not yet back to school) who need showers, food and sports!   We have Direct TV for our TV service so we aren't missing any sporting events or favorite shows with our cable down. I just can't follow my blogs for a few days and since our home phone is on cable, we are relying on our trusty iphones for all phone connections.  It's not rough at all really.

The tropical storm did provide me a huge advantage.  When the weather is nice, I'm not as likely to craft.  But with a full weekend of pouring rain, I was crafting up a storm (no pun intended!)  I made cards for all my challenges and got a good headstart on my 50 card commission job that is due on Sept 10th.  I fully completed 12 of them and got paper cut and scored for the others.  Hopefully, I'll be able to assemble them this week and have the holiday weekend to enjoy outdoors without this deadline looming over me.  I also got to make a few veterans day cards for the cards for soldiers deadline that is coming in September. 

Below are some photo's of our hurricane weekend:

We tracked the rainfall with the doggie swimming pool.  Here it is on Saturday afternoon when the rain first started.  We had a full 8inches in there by the end of the storm and it was almost overflowing.

The doggies were housebound all weekend.  Tank spent the two days chewing on his rawhide.  He was very glad to get out for a walk Sunday evening when the rain finally let up.

Here is my assembly line approach for my card commission.  I broke the project down by cutting all my papers first (above), then stamping and assembling second (below.)  Don't mind my messy craft table.  I ama slob when I'm creating and then clean up in between card projects.

Stop by my blog this weekend for a post to see the details of my card.  For those who follow my blog you may remember a while ago, I asked for advice about the theme fuel and race cars.  I'll show you what I finally came up. 

Thanks for stopping by today.  Enjoy the final days of August!


Kimberly Gajewski said...

What a fun card, Linda! The frosting looks real...Yum! Great papers, too! :D

Lisa Petrella said...

That frosting on the cake looks totally DELISH!!! YUM!! Fun photos of your assembly line process too!! Glad to hear you guys didn't suffer any damage from Irene!!!