Wednesday, September 7, 2011

18 years ago..

Warning - this is a long post and there are no cards today!  Just a celebration of my son's 18th birthday.

Do you remember anything about 1993?

Well, let me refresh your memory.   In 1993 they invented beanie babies.  How many did you have? How many do you have now??
Meatloaf's song 'I would do anything for love, but I won't do that' was a chart topper.
The Pentium microprocessor introduced by Intel
The World Wide Web was born at CERN
The first cloning of a Human Embryo by 2 American Scientists.

Popular Films
  • Jurassic Park
  • Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Schindler's List 
So why is 1993 important on my blog?  Well that was the year God blessed my husband Bob and I with a beautiful baby boy - my son Eric Andrew Monroe.

He's such a love.  There is no-one like him and I love him to pieces and am so proud of the funny, thoughtful, christ-like, young man he's becoming.

As a baby, he was my little cuddler.  He loved to snuggle and had a bibby (pacifier) in his mouth all the time.  He liked quiet and would be agitated with too much stimulation.  When he was 2-3 months old and we would take him the stroller to the mall, he'd be miserable for days.  He had a great nanny who took great care of him.  Her name was Charlene and she did all kinds of cute little educational things with him while his older sister Sarah was in Kindergarten and I was at work.  His nickname (as a baby) was goober-chubs.  That is because he had the cutest little chubby cheeks and he had a nasty habit of spitting up.  Chubs for the cheeks - goober for the spit-up.

We would take him for walks in his blue stroller and sometimes he'd ride in the backpack.  Bob and I would go 'bibby hunting' in the night.  He would have the bibby, fall asleep and then not be able to find it.  Bob and I would take turns going into his room in the dark and feeling around the crib to find it.  When I washed his crib sheets I'd often find 2 or 3 bibbies.  Of course only one brand of bibby would work for him.  He only liked MAM and we had tons of them.

He used to say 'Uh Oh' often.  That was his phrase when something went wrong.  If he dropped a cheerio on the floor from his high chair - yup - you guessed it - he'd say uh oh.  As you can imagine he said it often.

As he got older he remained a cuddler and a smart one at that.  He would find the cutest girl at the daycare or pre-school and sit in her lap.  he would also say how much he loved sitting in her lap.  Yup, you guessed it.  he would have that young lady wrapped around his finger in a minute.

He had platinum blond hair that was straight and fine. It would bounce when he ran and he had a glow to his complexion and a smile on his face often.  He was the most beautiful little boy.  I miss grabbing those cheeks of his.

 He was always in motion and always had a ball, bat or stick of some sort.  He was an incredible baseball player at a young age.  When Sarah would go to her softball games, Eric would be on the sidelines (at like 18 months old) and he'd have a bat and ball and hit it almost as far as she did.    He did it all.  Baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, football, skiing, bicycling and lacrosse.  As he got into school, we would have him only play one sport a season.  That was hard for him to choose, but over time he settled on his favorites - soccer, basketball and baseball.  Now that he's older he's added golf to the mix.

Eric is ubber talented.  At everything.  I'm his mother, but I'm really not exaggerating.  Almost anything he tries, he's instantly good at.  We took him bowling a few years ago - after the first few strings - he was throwing strikes.  Golf - yup - he had a natural swing and is as good as his father after only a few years playing.

While this seems like a great trait, it can be a fault.  He doesn't always understand why some people struggle with learning new things.  He also can be a tad lackadaisical.  Since he does good with little effort, it's a struggle to get him to put forth a significant effort to get a fabulous result.  Don't get me wrong - he does put forth a huge effort.  He likes to succeed, it's just sometimes I'd like to see him put a little more into the off-season or pre-test preparation.

We had always joked with him that he should get a scholarship at college for some obscure sport like water polo.  We figure no-one played water polo in high school and since he's such a natural athlete, he could probably excel at it in no time.  I always joked that he should go to Pepperdine (in Malibu CA) on a waterpolo scholarship.   Frankly, if he wanted to that may still be an option for him.

If you have a child, I hope you are able to find all the wonderful things about them.  Not every child is like my Eric - who does well in school and sports, but I'm sure your child is great at something.  Sarah is nothing like Eric, but she is a wonderful/fabulous person also. It's so important to find the special attributes of your child and brag on them every once in a while.  Oh but don't get me wrong, we get awful mad at Eric sometimes and over the years he's had his fair share of time - outs.

Eric is also becoming a wonderful, godly man.  He has a serving heart and is willing to help others when he can.  He's had a great role model here.  His dad is a very giving, godly man and the apple doesn't fall from the tree here.  It will be exciting to see what God has planned for Eric's talents as he moves into adulthood.

Thanks for stopping by today and taking a trip with me down memory lane.    I hope you are able to celebrate a special day with a special child in your life soon!


Lisa Petrella said...

What a special tribute to your son for his birthday! Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

I'm ready for tears Linda! Such a fabulous post about Eric! Truly a wonderful young man! Happy Birthday Eric! :D

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT tribute to your son......I hope he eventually appreciates it. :)

Karen said...

Love the heartfelt memories of your beautiful baby boy - I mean fabulous young man! (I bet Eric especially loves the references to his bubby...)

Stephanie Lanzalotto said...

Linda, this post is wonderful. Brought a tear to my eye. I have 11 year old twin boys. Time speeds by. Thank you for sharing this.