Friday, September 9, 2011

50 Thank You cards - Done!

Back in July, a friend of mine from church commissioned me to make 50 cards for a church event.  The event is called FUEL and it's an event to train and encourage the many people who volunteer.  My church is pretty big for a protestant church (by New England standards.)  We have 3 services on Sunday with over 800 adults attending.  We offer children and youth services/classes and most of the stuff is done by volunteers.  So the FUEL event is a big one.  They have 440 people signed up for it.  My friend wanted about 50 thank you cards to send to the people who were part of the team that put the event together. She had over 44 people on her team to do this event.  The theme FUEL is a race car theme.  It is based on the fact that we need FUEL to keep us going and often that FUEL is encouragement.

I racked my brain trying to come up with a card design around race cars and FUEL, but finally settled on this card design.  It's got the bright colors that match their color scheme and the race flags offer just enough race car elements to fit the theme.
I made up a sample and showed it to Kim a few weeks ago and she loved it. It needed to be gender neutral and I wanted to include a scripture verse.  The combination of these two PTI stamps seemed perfect. The front speaks of God providing blessing and the inside confirms the sentiment 'you are a blessing to me.'

I will be joining the event tomorrow from 8-noon. I lead a women's bible study so I'll join the 'spiritual growth' break out session after the main session.  My DH will be there too. He serves at the guest/visitor desk and he'll go to the welcome ministry break out session.  We'll be together for the leader breakfast and the main session. 

Well, the rain here in New England is finally done for the week and we are expecting some sunshine.  Yeah.  It's been 3 solid days of rain and the dogs and I are ready to get outside again.   Thanks for stopping by.  I'll have a christmas card to share with you Saturday for my bloggers challenge.  Hope you can stop by to see it. 


Georgie Horn said...

I love this card. I'm so intrigued by the race flag envelope!!

Stephanie Lanzalotto said...

What a wonderful job you did with the challenge given to you. It's simple and fabulous.

Karen said...

I agree with Stephanie: the simple elements and color scheme meet the challenge wonderfully. Love the Bible verse stamp as well as the continuity of the blessing sentiment in the interior. The checkered flag inner envelope ties it all up.

Kimberly Gajewski said...

These are FABULOUS Linda! You have designed a lovely card with just the right mix of accents! Wonderfully done!