Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Cat's Pajama's Challenge - rolled ribbon roses

Good morning Bloggers,

For today's post, I learned a new technique and it's really easy.   If you have any seam binding ribbon and glue dots you can do this and get great results.  The Cat's Pajama's blog has a nice short video on how to make two different types of roses.  I chose the easier option - the basic rose.

The rose is just an accent on my card, but you can make several of these and have them be the main focal point for your card.  My card above uses the TCP adorable bunny. This one is the pinwheel guy.  Very cute.

The video from Alma is posted below if you want to see how to do the rose.

I layered him up on some memory box paper and colored him with my copics.  I added some shiny glue to the pinwheels to give them some texture and added my rose to green seam binding ribbon and bow.

I did a little different technique with my coloring today.  have any of you seen Maryanne's blog posts this week?  She has a step by step guide to shading horses.  Check it out below.

In this blog she shows how she starts her coloring with gray shadows and then adds the color on top of that.  I like this technique a lot.  I am always afraid to add the gray after because I'm afraid I'll mess up, but if you start with gray, you are only adding color on top and I find I use more shading this way.  So for my bunny above I did warm gray 00, 03 and 05 and added shading to his ears and lower body.  Then I added some browns with E53, E21 and E00 to give him a brown color.  I think I'll try this coloring technique again.

Oh, and have any of you seen Megamind?  You probably all saw it years ago when it came out.  I'd never seen it and we had it on last night.  Oh my word... what a great movie.  Both my husband and I laughed out loud in several places.  The animation was great too.  The characters were very believable.  I thought it was a cross between Lion King, Austin Powers and The Grinch.    If you haven't seen it, check it out.   I loved how the minion kept getting the music mixed up.  Loved how it accidentally went from bad to the bone to loving you.... funny.  I love when you have a surprise movie - one you expect to only be so-so and then it winds up being really good.  We are very behind on our movie watching.  We've just been busy all summer and haven't taken time to watch any.  We also just cancelled our netflix.  Yup, we were one of the first to say 'no thank you' to the rate hike.  We'll rent from redbox or on-demand from now on.

Well, I'm off to do some preparations for my cards for soldiers workshop on Sunday.  Enjoy your Saturday.  Stop back tomorrow for my make it monday challenge card post (I hope to get to that later today!)


Marjie Kemper said...

Wow, your flower is fantastic and that rabbit has the cutest ears I've ever seen.

Karen said...

Cute card... what is the background - is it printed paper or did you add anything to it? I love the contrast of the red rolled rose on the green bow - beautiful with the seam binding ribbon... thanks for the link.