Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook Challenge AP11PARIS

Good morning bloggers,

Today's card post is for a facebook challenge with AMuse Studios.  I've never done a challenge from facebook and am not really even sure if I'm posting it right, but here goes.  The challenge was to use an Amuse stamp on a card and use the below photo for inspiration.

So, how did I get from the inspiration photo to my card?  Well, I started with WHERE it is.  Of course this is Paris, so my card has french script on the two background papers we use.  Second, this image has lots of trees, so my card has a beautiful trio of topiaries.  Third, this image has a lot of vertical stuff going on.  Yup, my card has lots of vertical stuff going on.  I wasn't really able to capture the color scheme, but I hope I got close enough with my other elements to be considered 'following the inspiration.'  I mean, hey, it's an inspiration right - this is what I was inspired to do.

I also have some photos from my garden to share today.

I love that I have a 3 season garden.   Flowers start blooming in April and I intentionally plan for color right through October.  This is my late season garden.

First, the pretty mums in the front flower bed by the walkway...  I accent my perennial garden with annuals and these darling bright yellow mums were on the centerpieces of the tables for Sarah's party and are now happily in the ground offering a splash of fun color to the front.  I love .99 bargains at Home Depot!!!

 Next up is the interesting sedum.  This was part of the landscape design we had done this summer.   Our old garden was very overgrown so we had stuff pulled out and new stuff put in.  The sedum is really getting a nice color now that the days are shorter..
 Don't you love that little owl sitting amidst the flowers?  He was a birthday present from my kids.  Love seeing him as I walk around watering in the morning....  The cosmo's and roses behind him are still in full bloom too.  I love how they keep going and going, right up until the first frost.

In the backyard we have a small fenced in area for the doggies.  I planted some flowers there when we built it a few years ago and I love the color against the white fence.  These cleones came up from seed and we've had so many butterflies since they started blooming.  These guys have tons of seed pods on them.  I'll be sure to knock them down and help them root in so we get this kind of color next year too.

 The side garden (next to the driveway) is my 'wild child.'  We don't do much here, but I put some impatiens in the spring so I'll have the nice color in the late season.  Even these hydrangeas still look nice although they are well past their prime.

Sigh, do you see that leaf on the grass.  Yup, the leaves are just now starting to turn and will soon begin falling in great quantities.  I'm not sure I'm ready for that, but regardless of my opinion, fall is definitely on it's way.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a wonderful day.


theneatery said...

I definitely see the inspiration for your card, so well done! Maybe having the Eiffel Tower in your card pic helped. :) -Amber

Jeremy and Samantha said...

love your interpretation, I totally see it, thanks for playing along with the a muse studio facebook challenge!

Heather said...

its perfect! Lovely card - good luck in the drawing!

Chelsea said...

great card! ...

Seleise said...

love the card and gorgeous flower pics too! I should have brought out my eiffel tower for the photo too - great idea!