Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning

Well since it's monday and all of us who work for a living are off to work, I thought I would give you a work update today.

My office got brand new cubicles recently.  We all were in these cubes since well forever ago.  I think this was the cube style they had when I first started in 1996 and frankly I never noticed that they were dark, dinghy and dated, well I didn't notice till we moved to our new cubes.

They had us pack up in groups of about 20 and head down to a staging area.  We moved to our temporary cubes for 2 weeks and then moved into our same space/new cubes when they were ready.  I decided to decorate my new cube with bright colors and candy jars.
I have several souveniers from places I've visited so I have those stacked on the work surface.  I don't have a lot of paper because everything I do is either on the phone or on the computer so I am a pretty 'paper free' work zone.  I love that.  Ecological and neater.

So next to my souveniers is my big gumball jar, my peppermint jar and my smarties jar.  I have to use lots of willpower not to dig into those smarties throughout the day.

This is the side where the work happens.  Yup, that's a white board behind my monitor and I've got the phone, docking station and lamp all in place.

 This is my work neighbor John.  He is the technical king.  Anytime any of us have a question about our iphone, gps or laptop, he has the answer.

This is Mark.  He sits right across from me.  He is pretty quiet, but he is a great go to person for all things computer applications related.  He is the excel king and he manages our customer data so i'm always shouting over to him about some question or another. 

Our work space is much more open and collaborative.  I like it a lot, but it is a tad noisier.  I can put in headphones if it gets too loud.

Lastly, next to John we have a sharing space.  it's not a closed wall office, but with the small table, chairs and white board it's great if you want to chat with someone about something and your cube it just too small.  Anthony is working on a new software application for me.  He comes by several times a week and we head in here for a quick discussion about the application.

There is one funny thing about this little break out space.  Check out how short that white board is.  I mean really, even if I was teaching kindergarten and the kids were sitting cross-leg on the floor, I would not write on the lower part of the board.  We find it very amusing.  We figure they had a requirement to keep the board below that glass wall, but geez, why make it so low.  We probably paid extra to have these custom made.  Too funny.  Avelina, Erin and I love the green on the chair seat.  Very fashionable don't you think?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by today and checking out my card and my new office decor.  They did a good job, don't you think?

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wrapknot said...

i had a fabulous time going to your office! it seems crazy that we only usually know a few parts of someone's life.... cousin, sister, mom, wife, stamper, hostess extrodinare... and i love getting to see a part i didn't know. now i can think of you in your work space. i can hardly wait to see the wedding attendee, dancer, party gal... next week!
xoxo caroline :)