Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chillin with my gnomes - so stinkin cute!

Isn't this card the cutest darn thing?  I love all the images on this 'There she goes' stamp set ' 'My little friend.'  And these little guys are very fun to color up and paper piece.

Today's post is for the There she goes challenge for fall colors.  This is my first time playing along with their challenge.  This card is heading to upstate NY tomorrow with a gift card as a thank you for my dear cousin's husband.  We headed up to NY earlier this month for a wedding and while there, my husband and Rob started talking computer talk.  Seems Rob had recently replaced a hard drive and had one he didn't use.  He mailed us his old hard drive and we were very grateful.  This will be the thank you card to acknowldge their generosity.

So, I can't end this post without a comment on our New England fall snow storm.  We got about 3-4" of snow and now the sun is now shining brightly and melting it all away, but this morning, it was a strange sight to see all that snow on some of our still green trees.  I have a few pictures of my surprised late blooming flowers getting hit with a white substance.  Even though I would have preferred to save the snow till next month, it's hard not to love the beauty.  There really is nothing else on the earth like a fresh snowfall combined with a sunshiny day.  Everything glistens and sparkles.  Beautiful, but often very inconvenient.

You guys can enjoy the photos without the hassle... unless you also live on the east coast.  I heard this storm came all the way from PA up to Maine.


wrapknot said...

wow! we thought about you and wondered if you had gotten snowed on. it made me go out and bring the shovels in and suggest strongly that we get the snow blower ready.... cause you know it's coming!
cute card. the gnomes just make you smile. naughty is taking all her stamped christmas cards with her to california to finish the inside greetings. she'll sacrifice clothing space just to pack those cards....that is a dedicated stamper :)

Shirley said...

You are right about stink'n cute! and you got some snow lady! Good to know you are all safe too!

Karen said...

Those gnomies are too "stinkin' cute" - no other way to describe them! Really cute and I love the saying.

I also particularly enjoyed your description and photos of your "surprised" flowers - it made me smile to read that, although not too happy to know that their season is just.... done. (I KNEW I should have picked those last beautiful blue hydrangeas...) Oh well.

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Oh my goodness...this IS so stinkin' cute Linda! These gnomes are adorable! Wonderfully done! Again, you get so much accomplished in one're amazing! :D