Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Christmas Cards

Happy columbus day!

We have a beautiful, sunny day here in New England today.  Too bad I have to go to work!! 

I have a few christmas cards for you today and one nature tree card.

I can't take credit for the modern christmas tree card design.  This is pure Nichole from PTI, but I love the look - so fun and modern.  I played around with some extra's with it like embossed polka dots and green pearls.  Fun.  I'll be playing with this design over the next month.

The last one is my attempt at some shading on a nature inspired forest card.  I have been inspired to add more shading to my copic coloring and it does make a difference.

So, what did you do this weekend?

We had a nice time at a family wedding Saturday, but it feels like the weekend just flew by.  Driving 6 hours each way really eats into the weekend, but we are glad we made the trip.  We don't see that side of the family too much so it's great to catch up when we can.

Don't you just love a wedding?    This was a really fun one.  Eliza is my dear cousin's daughter.  She is one year older than my Sarah, so I couldn't help but think that Bob and I may be doing something like this in the near future.

She was a beautiful bride, marrying her high school sweetheart.  They were too cute together. 

Josh is a big 'tractor guy.'  He collects antique tractors - I heard he has over 5.  So of course when they came into the dance floor as they were introduced Mr. and Mrs. yup - they were playing 'she thinks my tractor's sexy.'   It was a blast. The DJ did something I have never seen before that was super fun.  He had the bride and groom sit with their backs to each other and their shoes off in the middle of the dance floor.  He had the bride hold one of her shoes and one of the grooms shoes and the groom did the same.  Then he asked some questions such as 'who will manage the checkbook?' Both the bride and groom were to simultaneously raise either their shoe or the other to indicate their answer.  It was very funny and light hearted.  We all busted up laughing when both bride and groom correctly answered that her family was the craziest.  No doubt about that!  Good thing at least his side of the family is normal!  The dj also played some super fun dancing music.  The whole place was hopping the whole night.

We headed back to my cousin Nor's house and fell into bed.  I didn't hit the pillow till almost midnight - which is way past my bedtime and we enjoyed visiting with her and her 3 darling girls over breakfast.


wrapknot said...

how much fun did we have!! i agree that the dj was exceptional, he kept it moving, always with the newlyweds in the forefront. one of the nicest weddings i've attended. and yes, i'll agree with the groom.... the brides family is crazy!

Karen said...

Love your trees, especially the four evergreens stamp - who makes that? I like the background papers and the simplicity of the design.

Atif said...

Your Christmas card is always looking too much lovely..

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Kimberly Gajewski said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You have certainly been busy making cards, Linda! These are terrific! The modern color scheme is fun, and your traditional card is so pretty! Wonderfully done! :D

Lisa Petrella said...

LOVE your tree cards!!! The bright colors and bling on the first two are SO PRETTY!! And I LOVE the rustic feel of the last one!!!! Beautiful work!