Saturday, November 19, 2011

Attempting to get published

Hi Bloggers,

Have any of you ever submitted your cards for publication?  I decided this year to give it a try.  I submitted the below three cards to CARDS magazine.  This is my favorite card making magazine and they had a really easy website to submit to.

Sadly, they didn't pick up any of them.   These were all for a sketch challenge.  The sketch had three vertical elements on the left side, a horizontal element on the bottom and an oval element on the right side.   My favorite is the daisy with the fence.  I'm not going to become discouraged though that they didn't pick them up.  I now have three beautiful cards in my stash to give away or send to a friend.  A few thoughts on submitting cards for publication.  First, I love the challenge of getting creative.  Normally I am making cards for challenges and need to stay somewhat in the guidelines of the challenge but when I am submitting cards for publication I try hard to find something unique and different to do.  That is kind of fun.  Second, it really challenges me to be as perfect as possible.  I'm more of a 'wing it' kind of girl and often my cards are 'good enough.'  When I worked on these I was extra careful with everything to try to minimize any little mistakes, not one of these is perfect, but they are probably more perfect than my previous cards.  I still need to work on that some more, but as you all know, it's really hard to make a PERFECT card.  Third, it is a little frustrating to get no feedback what-so-ever on the card.  All I know is that they didn't pick them up.   Were they close?  Should I modify it somehow (make it simpler, make it fancier, use more color, use less color....)   I do not expect them to tell me anything - heck they are running a magazine, not teaching a class, but I really wish there was a place or a way to get learning feedback so eventually one of them could make it to publication.  I'm thinking an American Idol kind of harsh - in your face - critique.  Okay, maybe not.  Maybe I prefer to live in my fantasy world thinking that someday I may get a card published, rather than have them say flat out 'don't quit your day job.'  Can you relate?

So, I'll work on trial and error.  I'll just keep making cards, submitting them and hope for the best.  There are many benefits to trying to get published, even if I never make the goal.  So, I'll plug away and see what happens.

How about you?  Have you tried?  Have you succeeded?  Have you given up?

Thanks for stopping by today.  I'm off to my strength and flexibility yoga class, then meeting some friends for a stamping shopping trip.


Kimberly Gajewski said...

I can certainly relate to what you are saying about getting a card published Linda! My thinking for this is to just keep trying, and like you said, you have some lovely cards for when you'll need them! I especially love your daisy one! The fence is such a sweet addition! :D

Pam said...

I am sorry none of your cards got picked up and definitely keep trying, it took me forever to get published! I can't even tell you how many things I submitted before I finally did.

Shelly Schmidt said...

I have never sent anything in for publication- but hear to keep trying- your cards are wonderful!

wrapknot said...

while i don't have an experience with cards, i do know how you feel. i have been submitting my yarn and knitted goods to differents festivals each year. it's nice to garner a prize, but the best part is to read the judges comments and critiques. sometimes they are vague, but often the comments are precise and useful in helping me sharpen my skills. this year i had the judge approach me at a festival and offer further comments about my work. i was able to ask some specific questions to clarify what i needed to do. wish they had that in the card world. it would be hard to critique yours, i'm constantly astounded by your skills. the knitting card you sent me is proudly displayed in my fiber area.

Karen said...

I'm always impressed with how many challenges you manage to enter and the fact that you submitted your cards for publication. Keep trying - your work is lovely and I'm sure that eventually you'll see your cards in print!

Deb said...

These are great cards! Keep trying at getting published. I just spoke to my family today about trying to get published, so I will soon be on the same road.

Anandi said...

Heh, I just submitted a couple of things to Cards Magazine and was Googling to see what the process was and landed here :)

Your cards are pretty! I can suggest why Cards may not have picked them (I don't know anything official, of course.). I've been reading the magazine for a couple of years and they definitely have a certain "style" to them.

From what I've noticed, they seem to favor a more modern style, with more "cartoonish" elements, sometimes really simple, but sometimes overly embellished. Lots of stitching and flowers and layered paper. Not as much elaborate stamping/coloring in, but more "cartoony" simple icon stamping.

Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it of course ;)

I love your middle card with the dog!