Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm having a Give Away

Hi bloggers,

Today may be your lucky day!  I cleaned out some of my stamping area over the last few weeks and I have a nice pile of stuff I no longer need or want.  I had originally thought of selling it all on ebay, but frankly I just don't have the energy.  However, I do really appreciate all you blog readers and I would love to bless you with a gift - if you would enjoy it.  So here's the deal.  Below are photo's of stamp set's that need a new home.  If you would like one or more, just post on the comments which one you want.  Don't worry about being greedy.  If you want all of them tell me.  After 2 days, I'll allocate the stamps to whoever asked for them and mail them off to you - for free.  It's a gift.  Really, I just don't want to fill the landfill with them and I'll pick up the postage (US address only.)  I'm happy to send some to any international friends, I'll just have to charge you guys shipping so I don't go broke - you know!  

So, I've never done this blog giveaway before.  I'm assuming I can get your e-mail from your sign in account, but if you have that hidden, include an e-mail in the comments so I can contact you privately for your shipping address. If you don't want to expose your e-mail on my blog, just send me an e-mail message and include it.  You can access my e-mail at the top of my blog and in the side bar.

If you cannot comment on my blog, but still want one or more of these sets, again, send me an e-mail and you'll be included in the giveaway.  This will be a first come, first served deal.  If everyone wants the same set, the first one to contact me will receive it.

My only request for your gift?  Pay it forward.  Make a card and give to someone to encourage them.  Find a stamp set or product you don't use and give it to someone who would like it.  Just be generous.  But you guys probably already do that anyway... keep on doing it then!

So, here goes.....
In no particular order...  Sorry, I don't have labels for these sets.  hopefully from the photo you can tell if it's something you would use or not.

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wrapknot said...

wow, linda you have such a generous heart! i would love any set (s) that you choose to send our way. we just had a stamp class on monday, so our creative juices are flowing! i'll admit that i'm not the best card maker in my house (the younger stamper gets that title) but i do love to do it. we especially like the stars and the last set which had the sand dollar. the words are sweet, and again we would love to have a 'linda monroe' set!