Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The 12 blogs of Chrismas - Blog #1

Hi all,

I am friends with World Vision on facebook and they are challenging blog writers to write a Christmas sentiment for the next 12 days as part of the 12 days of Christmas.  Of course I thought this was a great idea so stay tuned for a short (hopefully) Christmas message each day for the next two weeks. 

The world vision blog will also have a blog post for each day, but their blog won't have cards mixed in with their messages now will they?  I don't promise a card each day, but when I have one, I'll intersperce it in with my christmas message.

Want to see the 'official' 12 days of Christmas?  check out the world vision blog with the link below:

world vision blog

So the theme to write about for day 1 is 'True Christmas spirit.'

I am driving my daughter's car these days.  She got a fun little Nissan Sentra two  years ago when the government ran their cash for klunkers program.   When she left I cleaned out her car and removed most of her personal belongings, but one thing I left.  She had a little button that she stuck on the visor that reads 'Love God, Love people, nothing else matters.' 

I look at that each day I drive that car.  Now that we are in the Christmas season, it is a healthy reminder to me of  the true christmas spirit.  When we love God we put OUR agenda on the back burner and try instead to consider God's agenda for the day.  When we love God we remember the commands of Jesus to be humble and gentle, not what the world calls us to be arrogant and selfish.  When we love God we stop worrying and leave things in God's plan.  And when we love God it is possible to love people.   It's not always easy.

It's easy to love the children of God who act like children of God, but it's not so fun to love those who don't act like children of God.  I was at a work luncheon yesterday and we were having lunch at an outdoor mall with limited parking.  I watched one women steal a parking place from another and then watched the scorned driver roll her window down and shout 'you Fxxxing Bxxxch...'  Nice. Merry Christmas. And yup, I am called to love her too!

Have you heard of the people who are anonymously paying off layaways at stores like K-Mart?  Some of those people who received that gift are probably mean!  Some may be even more than mean, they may even be evil.  And yes, some may be nice deserving people.  But the reality is the layoff's are getting paid off for all kinds of people - nice and not so nice!   'But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.' Romans 5:8.  Christ died to take away our sin not after we became good people, but while we were sinners.  That layaway gifter gives the gift for people regardless of their situation.   The lawaway giver only knows that the person has a debt and he/she pays it.  Love that.  That is the true spirit of Christmas to me and I am inspired to do a better job of loving people - all people.

Come back tomorrow for day 2 of the 12 blogs of Christmas 'What only God can do.'  And tomorrow I will also have a card for you!  Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day.


Stephanie Lanzalotto said...

I love this.

Sarah Kate Monroe said...

I remember that pin! It was my favorite thing. Got it from some event at Gordon. A great reminder to see on an almost daily basis. Good thoughts, you have a beautiful heart. I hope you've realized that a large reason for why I care about others so much and am even in the Peace Corps at all is because of the love for others I always saw in you :) .