Saturday, December 24, 2011

The 12 blogs of Christmas - Blog 4 Giving Back

Good morning bloggers.

Before I get to the Christmas blog, I have two Make it Monday challenges to share with you.

The challenge was to make a two sided tag using dies.  I couldn't resist making the snowman.  He is perfect for gift tags, but I also made this adorable airplane.  He is darling on a boy gift.

So, on to the Christmas Blog post.

Today is blog 4 of the 12 blogs of Christmas and the topic is 'giving back.'  So let me tell you about a Christmas tradition we started a few years ago.  World Vision puts out a catalog of 'Christmas gifts' that go to third world countries.

world vision catalog

The catalog includes things like blankets, farm animals and fresh water wells.  When we scaled back to the three Christmas gifts per person concept, we decided to take 1/2 our Christmas budget and use it to buy World Vision Gifts.  It's been awesome.  On Christmas Eve (or sometimes Christmas day) we all sit around together and decide what to spend our money on and we place the order online.  Most years that includes at least one farm animal (or a portion of a farm animal.)  We debate and discuss which we think will be the most useful and practical, but honestly all the items in the catalog make a difference for the people who receive them, so we really can't go wrong.  Over the years we've given goats, share of a deep water well, share of an oxen and plow and of course soccer balls and blankets. Last year Sarah had ducks for world vision on her Christmas wish list and my mother and my mother in law bought a flock of Ducks in her name.  That was really fun. She got a little card with ducks on it to reflect the donation.  I can't remember one other gift my daughter got for Christmas last year, but I remember the ducks.  Funny how that is.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Do you have a 'giving back' tradition at Christmas?  If so, I'd love to hear about in my comments.


Shirley said...

I love your tags, but I have to say your projects with World Vision just melt my heart and made me feel so good. I am a retired social worker and before that was a manger for the telephone company for 25 years. My SW work was so rewarding. I give anywhere, but mostly online. I do Doctors Without Borders and Smile Train. Also when there are areas where catastrophes happen. A lot goes to the Red Cross there and sometimes other groups working in the area. I worked Katrina and hope to get back to it within the next year, and if not then locally. TMI huh!!! LOLOLOL

Karen said...

I have loved giving and getting gifts from the World Vision catalog: What better gift than imagining how a family's future could be improved with a flock of ducks or a goat?

Your dedication to giving back shows all the time right in my own life! Thank you for all your caring!