Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 blogs of Christmas - Blog 9 Less of More and More of Jesus

Good morning Bloggers,

Today's topic on the 12 blogs of Christmas is less of more and more of Jesus.  What a fabulous concept.  I find I get easily caught up in the more of more, but when I really reflect on it most times more of most things doesn't really bring contentment.  I think of a few examples where I'm tempted to want 'more' and don't really enjoy it.  Here's one: more crafting supplies.  I have sooo many crafting supplies these days - I am actually ready to downsize and start enacting a new rule in my craft room - for every new item that comes in - an old one has to go out.  My stamp collection, paper collection and tool/die collection is getting too big for my space and that is causing lots of stress when I stamp - so in 2012 - it's going to be downsize baby.

But what about more of Jesus?  I can only think of good things when I think of more of Jesus.  How about more prayer time.  I have so many people that need prayer, spending more time praying would bring about peace for me (it's hard to worry when you are asking the Lord of the universe to interceded for them) and bring about change for them.  I firmly believe in the power of prayer so I know that when I pray for people, God hears me and it makes a difference for those I pray for.  This past month has gotten a little crazy and I haven't spent as much time in prayer as I do usually.  I'm looking forward to the routine that returns with the new year and I'm excited to bring back my daily prayer time.

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Karen said...

One of my chief goals for the new year is to ramp up my prayer life. I often pray in small spurts, and many times it's more of a mantra than a true heartfelt prayer voicing specific concerns. I want to dwell on my prayer time, not just fit it in at bedtime. Who better to discuss my fears and thanks with than the Lord of the universe?