Monday, December 12, 2011

3 cards for 3 challenges

Good morning bloggers,

Are you are all done with your Christmas decorating, baking and shopping?   We decorated last weekend and I finished my shopping this past weekend so we are doing good.  It helps that we keep it simple.  Long ago when the kids were turning to pre-teens we set a limit of one gift from Santa, one gift from my DH Bob and one gift from me, plus the stockings for each of our kids.  It allows us to get them something they really want.  It allows us to really focus on one special thing and it keeps the wrapping to a manageable level.  We've also stopped exchanging with most of the adults and we've moved to a name draw for others.  So I really only buy for 11 people and a lot of those are just gift cards.  I often sponsor a social service child or two through my office so when I include them that makes for 13 but it's still a very reasonable number.

One thing we are just awful at in our family at Christmas is hiding gifts.  First off, now that the kids are older (Eric is 18 now) we don't try very hard.  Second off, there aren't many good hiding places.  I think Eric spotted his gift this past weekend.  We had his gift (it's big) in our walk in closet.  It's a Yogi-bo chair and it's 5 feet big.  sssshhh, don't tell, but he probably knows anyway, read below:

The Yogi-bo chair is like a bean bag chair/bed, but without beans in it.  Anyway, I had an old robe trying to cover it, but it's hard to disguise.  Eric had to go into our closet last friday to find a tie to borrow from his dad for the Christmas social.  He was rummaging around in there for a bit and the tie rack was very close to the 'hidden' gift.  I think he must have spotted his gift.  Then yesterday I was looking for a table cloth in my dining room hutch and found a shipping box in there addressed to Eric with a return address of papertrey ink.  Yippee, guess I know what I'm getting for Christmas.  And then poor Bob.  I went to get the mail today and there is a package from Pandora jewelry (again, another yeah christmas gift for me.)  Funny thing is it was addressed to Bob with the neighbors address.  He probably asked the neighbor if he could have the item shipped to them.  Our clever mailman knows us all so well, he crossed out the # 73 and instead handwrote our # on it and yup, it was in our mailbox.  So, not too many surprises this year, but that just goes to get me back from all those Christmases years back when I was a kid and my sister and I would scour the house searching everywhere for our gifts ahead of time.  

So onto my cards today.  The first card is for Stampin Sisters in Christ challenge to make a birthday card.  This was perfect because we have lots of December birthdays.

Next is another birthday card for my brother for the My Favorite Things sketch challenge.  For this card I used the MFT tree die.  I forgot how much fun this die is and how easy it is to make a masculine card.
Last is a cute and feminine card for The Cat's Pajama's challenge to use steel grey, pale pink and red.  This fun bunny on a bicycle is for my mother in law.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day!

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