Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Hi Bloggers,

This post is made especially for my daughter Sarah.  They don't do christmas decorations in her village in Ukraine and she is missing home so she asked me to post some photo's of our christmas decorations, so here you go.  No card today, just home decor.  Nothing fancy, just some simple decorations that we like.

 I love garden flags, and I have two this year for Christmas.  This manger scene and the peace dove.

I like to leave some of my garden statues out in the winter.  I couldn't bear to bring in these adorable cherubs, but I did put some candle rings on their necks to make them festive.   I may go and get them evergreen boughs.  the silver is pretty but not very much contrast.

We don't do much in the way of outside lights.  We hang a lighted wreath above the door but that's it.  I put 4 small light trees inside the front windows.  They light up outside so it's pretty when we drive up at night.

Inside, I just decorate the living room and a few little accents in the kitchen and bath.  The main decoration is the tree.  We got a fake tree last year.  I do miss the real tree we've always done, but there are advantages to having an artificial tree...  On the piano are Bob's grandmother's cardboard snow houses.  I love them. 

 My favorite christmas decoration is the creche.   This was my grandmothers and I love it.  I love that it is old.  I love that it is not to scale.  Notice how HUGE baby Jesus is and how small the cow is.  I love the resin/plastic that these pieces are made from.  When I was little I would love taking baby Jesus out of his bed and how he fit perfectly back in.  I love the very old straw and sawdust on the floor and I even love the bright light from the single light bulb on the top.  Most of all I love that it is the decoration that reminds me most of the real reason for the season.

Thanks for stopping by today.  What is your favorite Christmas decoration and why?  Have a great day.

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