Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trying to get published...

Hi bloggers,

Well, no luck with my attempts at publishing this month with CARDS inc.  I have been viewing their magazine and am finding that most of their cards do not really match my style.  They seem to focus a lot on cards with just patterned papers, sentiments and embellishments.  My style is much more stamping with color.  I think next year I may branch out and submit to other publications.

Anyway, like I said before, it's still good to TRY.  It causes me to try new things and also try to be a little more careful with the details.  So do you want to see my rejects?  Of course you do.

First is a thank you card for a teacher, using some papertrey ink stamps.  I love making those ribbon roses - so fun and easy and they add a real elegant touch.
And below is my favorite.  This is an elegant graduation card with some stitching and a lace rose.  If I were to make this again, I would color her up.  I think she looks 'naked' without any copics.

So, like I said, next year, I'll try my hand at some other publications and see what happens.

Oh and before I go, for those who have been following the story of my daughter, she is happily settled into her village and is very eager to begin her teaching.  She has a very comfortable host home set up for now (with internet, hot water for showers and a washing machine.)  She met the kids last Friday and she said they gave her a warm welcome.  I can just see them all.  They had heard that an American was coming to teach them and had been excited for weeks.  She said they all had big eyes and big smiles when she walked into the classroom.  The class she met first was 7th graders.  I'm sure they just loved to see a beautiful young and sweet looking american woman.  Kind of like The Rascals and the teacher the boys all loved.  I know I'm partial but my Sarah really is a cutey and I'm sure the 12 and 13 year old boys were happy to see a prettily dressed foreign 23 year old show up in their class.  She said they all treated her like a celebrity.  Let's hope all stays well after the honeymoon period ends.

Here are some photo's she sent this weekend.

Here she is at her 'swearing in' ceremony.  First is Sarah posing with the country director.  She says he has a great sense of humor and all the volunteers like him a lot.  The second photo shows her with one of the local village teachers who escorted her from Kiev to the village.

 The next photo's are of the train. She left the city at 6pm and got to the village at 9am.  Those top red velvet things were the upper bunks for sleeping.  I'm sure it was not especially comfortable in third class travel section for that long a trip.
Lastly are photos of her village, her temporary host home and her room at her host home.  She has quite a bit of space (a couch and a bed with a table.)  She isn't sure how long she'll stay there, but it looks quite comfy until she finds her own apartment.This to the left is the outside of the house.  It looks very modern and comfortable.  Lastly, below is the village center

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day!


Stephanie Lanzalotto said...

Hi Linda,
Oh, I really love your rejects - both of them. I love the colors you used for the first one, and the white strip between the sentiment lines really looks great. The roses are a beautiful touch. The graduation card is wonderful. I can see why she looked naked to you, but I love that she is just a lined image. The damask and the music notation work beautifully together. Love it! Also love your story about Sarah. You must be very proud. Have a very Merry Christmas Linda.

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Beautiful cards Linda! I especially love the colors in the first card! Look at the stitching on the second card...so pretty! Sarah looks like she is settling in so nicely! Her village looks wonderful! :D