Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cards for Soldiers

Hi bloggers,

We had so much fun today making a whole bunch of cards for soldiers.  9 ladies came and filled two tables and make about 10 of each design I had prepared.

It's always fun to see the big pile of cards before I box them up.  It's always fun to see the ways people take the original design and make it their own.  We had 4 designs today - colorful birthday, pastel st. patrick's day, spring tree and elegant roses.  I showed you the blue/green cards earlier this week.  Below are the others.  I showed you the pastels last week, here are the other two up close.

Even though it's a fair amount of preparation, it's a great day when it happens.  The ladies really enjoy chatting and creating and I'm sure the soldiers really appreciate the beautiful handmade cards they get to use.  It's truly a win-win!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day.


Beth said...

Beautiful cards for a wonderful cause! I'm sure the soldiers will appreciate having handmade cards to send to their loved ones!

Karen said...

Great designs, Linda, and what a lot of cards you made! I'm sure they'll be truly appreciated.

Deb said...

So pretty and for such a great cause. I am glad you had such a fun time crafting.

Kards by Kadie said...

Love your card designs Linda! Know that your cards will be appreciated by many soliders and their families. I'm sure the 9-ladies that participated in your "Cards for the Troops" event had a SUPER FUN time. Many Thanks for sharing!