Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just for fun cards

Hi bloggers,

Today's post is two 'just for fun' cards.  I mentioned on an earlier blog post that my mom's extended family does a belated christmas celebration with a handmade name draw.  The party is Saturday January 14th.  I say my mom's extended family but  only my sister and I attend the party, which seems odd to most people but that is probably a story better told in person than on a blog so we'll leave that one alone for now.  My sister Kathie and I have always been close with our upstate' cousins so we've both made a real effort to try to stay in touch and attend family events.  My husband and I have a conflict this year and won't be able to join the party, but we'll try to make it next year or to another family event in 2012.

So for the name draw I drew one of my cousins name and guess what she's getting?  Yup, two boxes of handmade all occasion cards.  I hope she likes them.  Below are two I made just for her, using some of my favorite layouts and stamp sets.  These will get tucked into a plastic card box, wrapped up with a bow and mailed off this week for the party Saturday.  These will be wrapped up with a bunch of other cards you've seen on this post over the last month for various challenges and magazine submissions. 

Well, I hope you have a fabulous day.  Thanks for visiting my blog.


Maria Matter said...

fabulous cards Linda!

Have a Merry Christmas...again!

rockwelldesigns said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping by the TSG blog and for leaving such a sweet comment. I love the clean and simple design of your cards! They are adorable!