Monday, January 9, 2012

one more make it monday & senioritis

Hi all,

I made one more make it monday challenge before the 7am deadline.  The technique I used is making a glitter strip with score tape.  I love this.  I can't believe I never tried it before.  It's super easy and the card is so elegant with the bling!

Did you have a nice weekend?  I hope so.  Mine flew by.  It started Friday night at Eric's basketball game.  Bob and I were signed up to work concessions and we both realized as we finished up the night that it was our last concession stand work we would ever do!  Whitinsville Christian doesn't have concessions for baseball so now that we did our 'once per season' concession work we are done!  And as far as I know, grandparents don't work concessions so we are done, done, done!  All those little league concessions - all those youth hoop concessions, soccer concessions and of course - basketball concessions.  Believe me, I've put in my time!   It's funny how senioritis also affects parents.  As Eric winds down his school years, Bob and I are finding that we are winding down our school involvement also.  I mean we still help out and do our fair share, but it's much different when the kids were younger.  We had a few laughs because the parents we worked with Friday were newbies.  These people had a freshman son playing JV and they had never worked any concessions at all.  They were very eager beavers and frankly kind of annoying.  The father kept wanting to give me suggestions.. about how they should store the candy/soda and track prices.  I kept pointing him to the lady in charge and saying - I'm just here tonight - Monique is the one you need to talk to......  He wanted some type of shortcut for figuring the prices and I was like - hey - do the math in your head like the rest of us.  It can be challenging, but it keeps you sharp - you know?  For example, someone orders 2 slices of pizza (1.75 each) a gatorade (1.50) and a candy bar (1.00.)  We just add the math in our head (3.50+1.50= 5.00 + 1.00.)  He wanted some elaborate spreadsheet printed that would show the combinations!  He also wanted to chat with each customer, and inquire of the little ones about their candy choices.  I kept trying to get the next in line and move em out - you know!  I mean these people came to watch the game.  They don't want to still be in line when 1/2 time is over!    Monique was happy to chat with Mr. Enthusiasm.  She is a parent of a senior too and is probably got her eye out for someone to take over next year. 

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day!

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Scrappin4kim said...

I'll agree about the scor tape and gliiter too, that was my last card as well. I will have to use this technique more!! Love your pretty card, especially the colors.