Sunday, January 22, 2012


Good morning bloggers,

I am sitting today enjoying a beautiful view our my window of sunshine on fresh fallen snow.  This is the first snow we've had this season and while it was messy yesterday when it was falling, today it is really pretty - especially since I'm viewing it from my warm chair!  I am so happy to have a blog post for you again.  Last week was quite busy.  Between working longer hours and basketball games there was no time for any crafting.  My little craft table sat unused for 6 days straight!  I was happy to get back there yesterday and make these two goodies.

This first card came out really nice.  I used the papertrey ink technique of ghost masking.  You can watch the video from papertrey ink's Betsy Veldman below if you want to try it.

 I love these sunflowers inked up in more mustard.  I also love my new tag it dies and stamps.   It allows me to customize a card for the recipient and add a little accent to the card.  This will be for my Mom's 75th birthday coming in February.  Bright sunflowers are perfect for her!

Next up is a card for Bloggers Challenge.  The challenge was to do something with time.  I had just received my first 'Taylored Expression' stamp order in the mail and couldn't wait to color up these season images so my time card is the changing of the seasons.  It's a little busy, but the images are darling.  I am excited to play with these images and sentiments throughout the year.  See - I am holding to my New Year's Resolution of trying new stamps from companies I haven't bought from before.

Oh and lastly, I added a new resolution late in the month. I hopped on a scale at home to confirm why my clothes were fitting tightly and yup, I had gained about 5 pounds over the holidays so I'm back to weight watchers.  It's a great program and I love the leader at my Grafton class.  I was eager to go back last week, but am struggling.  I always do the first two weeks.  Once I get my habits and activity aligned it is easier, but the first few weeks are tough.  It requires a lot of planning and I haven't been able to stock the pantry appropriately, get in extra activity, nor cook the healthy meals.  Today I'll hit the market on my way home from church and stock up on some veggies and low point snacks.  I'll also make some soup which is great for low point lunches.

Today I'll head out with the dogs and let them play in the snow, then hit the couch for our big play-off game.  At 3:00 the patriots play the ravens and we will all be so excited if they win and go on the superbowl.  Go Pats!  Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by.


Kimberly Gajewski said...

Lovely cards Linda! The sunflower card is so pretty! What a terrific technique! You did a beautiful job with your trees too! This set is so cute! Good luck with the WW and all of the planning! I'm right there with you! I know it's a lot of work, but I know you can do it!! :D

My name is Erika. said...

And it was great football game, wasn't it?
I love your seasons card...what great images and colors. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog.

BarbaraW said...

Great card of the seasons. Cool take on the challenge.

Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful sunflower card using the Ghost Stamping - your mom is sure to love it! Fab take on the BC, love the trees in the different seasons! Best of luck to you with WW!