Friday, February 3, 2012

Bloggers Challenge, Make it Monday and 10 reasons to NOT HATE the Patriots.

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday.  I have a card today that is for Lisa Somerville's bloggers challenge to 'Alter it' using the technique from Papertrey Ink on Make it Monday.  I altered a Strathmore art journal that was blank into this pretty blank book.  This uses Papertrey Ink's sweet pea set combined with My Minds Eye Lost and Found paper.

So this past week I was on a business trip to Indianapolis and Dallas.  I'm thinking, as I fly to Indy Monday, that I'll wear my Patriot's t-shirt since there will be LOT's of Patriot fans heading to the superbowl and I'll be in good company.  Well, what a lesson I learned.  I had no idea SO MANY PEOPLE HATE THE PATRIOTS. I live in my own little world here in New England.  Now, I'm not talking about not having a lot of fans.  I respect that each city has it's own team and I know that only us crazy New Englanders all root for the Boston teams all the time, but I wasn't expecting the HATE.  I mean I was almost afraid I would be spit on!  People were vocally saying things like 'yeah, it's awful here with these disgusting Pat's fans'  This guy said this his cell phones standing right next to me.  Excuse me.  I am not disgusting!  The nasty looks, the creepy vibes, it was awful.  So without further delay, I give you my top 10 reasons NOT to hate the New England Patriots.

10)  Do realize that our namesake and mascot are the reason all of you people aren't about to watch the super soccer game?  I mean we, New England, brought you freedom from the British and all that nastiness.  Without New England Patriots you would be enjoying a pint and a rugby game or a cup of tea and cricket.  Long Live American Football!  Go Patriots.

9) We are winners.  Yes, I know everyone loves the underdog, but guess what, we are winners.  Our team has talent, discipline and we win.  Don't hate us for that.  Go Patriots.

8) We are not cheaters.  Yes, I know a few years ago there was that whole controversy about the video taping, but guess what?  The next year with a million eyes watching everything we did, we had no evidence of cheating.  And then we kept on winning, even without the so called cheating taping.  We don't cheat.  We just win. Go Patriots.

7) We have some awesome players.  I mean great men who do great things besides play football.  I know everyone was all la-te-dah about Tim Tebow and yes, I think he's great, but you know, there are some very solid christian men with great character who play for the Patriots.  My son's girlfriends mom works for Matt Light doing all his event planning for his charities and he is a great dad and man of faith.  He has integrity and character and yes, he plays for the New England Patriots.  Go Patriots.

6) We don't allow diva's.  Do any of you remember Randy Moss before he came to New England?  How about Chad Ochocinco.  These former diva receivers got schooled at New England.  To quote Andrew Kulha-  a sports writer speaking about Randy (and Terrell Owens):  'We're talking about two of the most disruptive and selfish players to ever grace the NFL. Sure, they were super talented, but when their talent faded, all we were left with was a sideshow of antics and explosions.' Guess what?  After they got to New England, they were just members of team.  No more stars, just players. What's not to love about that?  Go Patriots.

5)  The Patriots are from New England.  Have you ever been to New England?  We have breathtaking landscape consisting of quaint seaside towns, adorable historic villages, stunning mountaintops, culturally enriching cities and Cape Cod.  What about our food?  We have lobster rolls, clam chowder, Boston cream pie, Boston baked beans? Are you hungry yet? Go Patriots.

4) Bob Kraft.  Mr. Kraft and his late wife do a lot of good in our New England community.   A friend of ours from church works for one of Mr. Kraft's businesses and he is well respected for his charitable contributions to the community.  Go Patriots.

3) Tom Brady.  Okay, do you remember how goofy our quarter back used to look when he first started with us?  He has come a long way.  And he's such a fun story.  I mean this kid was nothing in college.  Our main quarter back gets injured (a few years back) and Tommy boy gets thrown into the fire.  And guess what? He comes out a winner.  And he stays winning.  He takes chances.  He leads the team.  He is handsome.  Too bad he's married or I'd try to fix him up with my daughter.  Go Patriots.

2) Our fans.  The guy who sat next to me on the plane from Dallas to Charlotte said he hated the Patriots because he hated Patriot fans.  I agreed with him that our fans are obnoxious.  I went to a game on Christmas eve and couldn't believe the loud, obnoxious drunk fans with potty mouths.  The fans I saw could not put a sentence together without dropping an F-bomb.  But isn't that how all football fans are.  My seat companion was a Cowboys fan and HE was complaining about our fans.  Wow.  You know what I love about Patriot fans? We go out to games in the bitter cold and snow.  Our fans are young and old, men and women -everyone in New England is a Patriots fan.  We are AWESOME. Go Patriots.

1) And the #1 reason not to hate the New England Patriots?  Well why hate anyone?  I mean really people!  Life is short.  Have passion to root for your team. Have passion to raise awareness of poverty in your community.  Why waste your energy and breathe hating a team? People, it's just football.  Why not hate something truly vile?  Maybe just give us a chance.  That's all I'm saying. Oh and Go Patriots.

Thanks for stopping by today.  If you are feeling generous, root for our Patriots this weekend.  And even if you can't root for us, please don't hate us! Give us chance!

Have a great weekend.  I'll be back later this weekend with more craftiness (and less ranting!)


BarbaraW said...

Beautiful art journal. What are your plans for the inside?
And I don't hate the Pats. I'll watch the game with an open mind. lol

Vee said...

Love this pink journal. Gotta have a go atdoing something like this on my next note book. Hugs Vee xx

Karen said...

omg Linda your post why not to hate the Patriots is so funny! But your journal is lovely. My husband owns a sports store and can't use the team pens has to buy plain bic because some people won't touch pens from certain teams...go figure. ;)

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Your altered book is gorgeous, Linda...Beautifully created!! Hugs, Gayle.

Craft Owl said...

It's a lovely book and a great sentiment on the cover which I shall try to remember. I agree that life is too short for hatred. I usually try to say nothing, be neutral or be positive. Negative comments can cause so many problems. Hugs Marie x

Karen said...


(P.S. I love your journal!)

... and ...


Evelyn S. said...

Beautiful altered journal....pretty colors for the gray of winter.

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Oh my! Some people are just plain ole cruel!! Sounds like quite the experience on your trip! Your journal turned out beautifully! Enjoy the weekend, and as one girl from New England to another...GO PATS! :D

Suzanne Russell said...

I love your project-the colors and stamps chosen are just beautiful together!

Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful altered journal!

Tracey McNeely said...

Lovely altered journal Linda.

Deb Neerman said...

Such a pretty journal!