Monday, February 6, 2012

A wedding card for a couple who divorced and re-married each other

So, around Christmas time I got a facebook message from an old friend.  She had moved to Florida and we had stayed in touch on and off for a while, but then lost touch.  I think the last time I talked to her was over 4 years ago.  In her message she said she had moved back to MA.  We made plans to get together and imagine my surprise and joy to hear her story.  She and her husband had separated about 3 years ago and then divorced.  After the divorce her husband connected with a church in Metrowest that my friend used to attend years ago.  As he connected with the church he started making changes in his life; positive changes that his ex-wife noticed. Intrigued by his character change they struck up a friendship.  My friend came back to the area and also started connecting with the church.  And then they decided to get married again.  Their wedding was Saturday February 5th and I made this simple and elegant card to honor their special day. 

Can you imagine the joy of the pastor of that church who got to perform the ceremony of two people from his congregation that had walked away from their faith, came back to it and re-united.

I love hearing stories like this.  It really shows the power of God.  I know many people who are divorced and the idea that they could love their ex-husband/ex-wife again would take a miracle as big as raising the dead.   I think in my friends situation this re-marriage included a lot of forgiveness on both parties behalf.  As I thought about this situation I realized that in my life-time I've met 4 couples (this friend included) who divorced and re-married the ex again.  And I realized, all of them are Christians.  God is good.

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Karen said...

Linda so beautifully elegant!

Chrissy D said...

Ohhh gorgeous!!!