Sunday, April 29, 2012

A birthday card for a friend and a summary of girls weekend

Hello friends,

Did you have a nice weekend?  I hope so.  Life is too short to let whole weekends go by without trying to fit something fun it it.

I had a very nice weekend visiting with my female relatives at my sister's house.  It's our annual girls weekend event and it's a great time to re-connect.

Before I tell you about the girls weekend, let me share the card I made for my friend Karen.  Karen introduced me to stamping 5 years ago.  She is a fabulous stamper, very attentive to details with a nice eye for design.  She loves nature images - especially flowers so it seemed appropriate for me to make her a fun floral card for her birthday.

So our girls weekend this year was at my sister's in PA.  Some of us were up bright and early for a morning run with my sister's running friends.  Near her house is a beautiful park with wide running trails.  We did a three mile loop and I convinced my cousin Nor to jog slowly with me.  It was a brisk morning but the sun was shining and we had a nice 8:00 run.

After our run we quickly showered and headed out into Philadelphia for lunch and some sightseeing.
What a pretty historic city Phili is.   The Philadelphia Terminal Market is a fun old market that has been around for forever.  It's a mixture of farmers market, kiosk stores and upscale food court all mixed in a historic building.

It was a little overwhelming to choose from all the tasty options but everything was delicious and several of us brought goodies back to house to enjoy later.  ( - ;

My cousin Nor (photo above) was diagnosed last fall with a damaged vocal cord.  She has needed to modify her lifestyle to not project her voice and use a soft voice sparingly.  My dear cousin is a funny, chatty woman and it has been very challenging for her to modify her behavior but one gadget she has helps her out.  She has a microphone with a speaker fanny pack.  She used it all weekend during car rides to allow her talk in a soft voice, but be heard clearly though out the car.  She put on Hannah's Mouse Ears and we all picked on her as the tour guide.  She had us laughing all weekend long.

The pretty lady in the photo on the left is my cousin Jan has always been called the queen.  As children, she was the oldest and when they played 'castle' she was always the queen and made the peasants serve her.  The name has stuck with her all the years and she proudly owns up to it.   On the right is my cousin Caroline.  She got nicknamed as the prime minister this year because she is our planner.  She does all the logistics - including researching activities on-line and organizing our outings, so it was very appropriate that she would get this title since she holds all the power!
My sister Kathie and my cousin Lin are in the photo above.  Kathie is considering some home renovations so here they are looking over the plans and discussing the options.

Above is my cousin Nor.  She is very artistic and here she is making a beaded bracelet for Lin.

 Here is Nor, Tracy and Caroline in front of the packed car.  We hit both Steinmart and Marshalls so there were several shopping bags of goodies going back home with everyone.

Here we all are together.   What a lovely group of ladies, don't you think?  Thanks for visiting my blog today. Have a great day.


Chrissy D said...

Beautiful card - Looks like a wonderful time!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Beautiful card, Linda! Love the purples! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I wish that I was one of your cousins! :D

wrapknot said...

a fantastic time was had by all! we ate, drank and chatted the weekend away. it was so good to catch up with you linda. love the card :)

Karen said...

I'm here to say this card is even prettier in person! Thanks so much, Linda!

I loved hearing about your girls' weekend - what a lovely bunch of ladies! It looks like you enjoyed some quality time in each other's company. Nice!