Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Hi bloggers,

I realized about mid-morning that it was earth day.  And so what did our family do on earth day?  Well about the most earth unfriendly thing there is to do.  Yup.  We went to Walmart.  Sigh.  I know, I know, we should be shopping locally and all, but my prescription was in and I'm heading out of town for a few days so Bob and Eric need some MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) so Walmart was where we went.  And we forgot our re-usable grocery bags.  Sigh again.

Seriously, I do really need to make more of an effort in reducing my carbon emission.  Bob and I are already thinking about our life-style as we transition to empty nest and I'm thinking ahead to how we can simplify.  I'd like to have a smaller house, a shorter commute and more local shopping options - especially for food.  We hope to put the house on the market next January and move to either Natick or Framingham in the spring.  So maybe for next earth day I can say I did something positive to reduce my carbon emission.

Anyway, on to my craftiness.  My sister Kathie told me at Christmastime that she has a new favorite quote.  Can you believe that it is from Yoda (yes, of Star War's fame?)  The quote is 'Do or don't do.  There is no try.'  She said she'd like some cards or a wall hanging with this quote on it for Christmas.  Sadly I was way to stressed out and over-committed by the time she told me her idea in mid-December but I didn't forget her request.  I am heading down to her house this weekend for a visit so I got down in my craft room today and whipped up a batch of cards for her with this quote.

To make it simple I made two card designs.  One with Botanical Silhouettes and the other with Trendy Tree-tops.  I made 4 of each and mixed it up a bit with each one, varying the colors and/or the ribbon accents.

I will put these in a nice clear card box and put some fun ribbon on it.  That will be my hostess gift for her.  I would have made her a wall hanging but I ran out of time.  If she likes this, I'll make the wall hanging and give it to her on another occasion.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great day.

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Karen said...

Love the quote, love the cards, especially the Trendy Tree Tops (even though I've been longing for Botanical Silhouettes - which I found on the Forum, by the way; thank you!) I think the trees look so cute with the grass and the twine.

I have found that "Do or don't do" is good advice; no sense berating yourself for something you either don't want to do or just know you won't. I have given myself permission to let go of the guilt and instead concentrate on what I AM going to do. Less stress is good!