Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Make it Monday - Layering Technique with Sunflowers

Hi bloggers,

We have another beautiful and warm, sunny day today.  We had record breaking temperatures in New England yesterday which was awesome for those of us with the day off, but not so great for those running the Boston Marathon.  Our family watched from Ashland 6 KM into the race and the runners we saw looked pretty hot at that point.   We saw on the news that many didn't make it, many didn't have great times but everyone seemed to be playing it safe which is good.

So before I show you my make it Monday card today, let me tell you our good news.  Our dog tank ate my Nike plus mileage tracker last week and thankfully it is now out of his system and all is well.  He must have coughed it up because yesterday I took him to the Vet and via X-Ray they confirmed that it was not inside him.  Later that evening, I found it under the TV stand.  It was pretty mangled with bite marks all over it.  I'm soooo glad we didn't have to extract it out of him surgically!!!  Silly dog.  A whole lot of worry and hassle because he just had to nibble on that little red and white gadget.  I'll be sure to put my running shoes in the closet from now on.

So, let me share my card with you.

The technique from Papertrey Ink this week was varying degrees of layering on a card.  The front of the card has 6 layers.  The card base (1), the canyon clay mat (2), the saffron yellow zigzag die (3), the ivory layer with the faded sunflower images (4), the leaves die cut and stamped (5), the sunflowers die cut and stamped (6) and the sunflower centers die cut and stamped (7.) Lot's of layers making a beautiful birthday card.

The inside of the card is one layer, but with several layers of ink.  Again, the sunflower (ink level 1), the leaves (ink level 2) and the sunflower center (ink level 3.)  It's fun to add layers with card stock and ink! 

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day!


Debbie said...

Beautiful card!!
Glad to hear the doggy saga had a happy ending!!

Joyce said...

Such a pretty card. Your sunflowers are so bright and cheery.

Karen said...

Love it! Sunflowers always make me smile, and yours are so pretty, with all the layering of color.

Glad Tank's okay! Is your mileage tracker still usable??

Rebecca Deeprose said...

Love those sunflowers with layers! So pretty!

PatQ's Cards said...

Beautiful card.

Suzanne Russell said...

Very pretty! The sunflowers are perfect for layering and you did it beautifully. :)